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A sincere thankyou to marijuana and grasscity!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reppin 713, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I would like to say thankyou to all the badass dudes on this forum except for the occasional dick that's on his high horse.

    My decision to start smoking has been the best decision I've made all my life. Before weed I was pretty shy and would just stay at my house and play xbox or only hangout with a friend or two. Thanks to weed I've become way more outgoing and made so many more friends than without weed. Weed has made me appreciate everything more and made me a generally more nice person. I was really irritable before and now I just chill and won't get so pissy so easily. Also just everything is so much better, shitty movies rock, shitty music is still shitty but I can still kinda listen to it haha, and it just makes me so much more happier. I started in June and now it's august and I'm hooked haha. I also bought my very first pipe yesterday, it was only $20 and it's pretty standard, but it has changing color glass.

    The only bad things about weed have been all my money is always fucking gone haha. And I'm still not a great driver when I'm baked but when I'm a little high I'm perfectly fine.

    And a final thankyou to all the chill ass dudes on this site, you guys are tight as fuck and I wish I knew you guys irl.

  2. no problem man, I know I was a major part in this as I was the one to "give" you your first bag. Proud
  3. "high horse" Lol, puns.
  4. Weed does it man! I had so much enthusiasm from smoking the herb regarding my life, especially school, my family.

    Then I got caught by the family, and I have been fucked in the ass ever since. Just be careful with everything.

    I feel like I had ANY other parents they would be fine with it. I mean, if I can smoke on the weekends and make A's in school, what's the problem if I am responsible?
  5. glad to see you're happy with the herb man. just remember... you control the herb, it doesn't control you.
  6. Peace and Pot go together like Peanut butter and jelly my man

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