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  1. Hello everybody, i have plants outdoors about a month old now.

    They are doing okay, I want them to do good :)

    How can i feed the soil to feed the plants?

    They are in the ground, sitting in a garden i threw a little bit dolomite lime, bone meal, and potash in before planting.

    They also have some cow manure top dressing!

    I am looking into an easy yet efficient veg and flower tea i can make and Feed them once or twice a week!

    Thank you for reading

    PS- also looking for cages to go around them for training.

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  2. I just put 9 ltr water in a bucket with 3 cups of organic compost. aerate that for 12-24 hrs. . Strain it and add 30 mls worm extract & about a tbsp of kelp powder. I also add add a tsp off concentrate seaweed powder. Use within 10 minutes. Can be used as a foliage spray as well. Next feed I use just water, then next I feed with water with eco-aminogro. Back to water again then start the cycle again.
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  3. I basically just dump about three heaping shovel fulls of my compost (that is enriched with my chicken's manure) in to a half size garbage can.

    I mix it a few times and in two days the sediment has settles so I scoop the beautiful dark tea water off the top with a bucket and water my cannabis plants with it. They love it!
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