A sickness has come over my plants

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  1. So I started seeing yellowing of their leaves about a week ago, figured I was over watering so i changed the routine and waited till the cups were drier before watering. This was the first, now they all look similar, am I in need of a transplant or should I scrap the lot and try again? Not confident enough to make a call of what the problem could be, this is the worst of the 7.

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  2. is it only the bottom leaves yellowing? Could you put a better pic of all of the leaves?
  3. It's the bottom yes, 3 leaf sets and i'm scared it's going to move up the plant. Yeah, i'll upload them right now.
  4. 2 are autos and the rest are regulars

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  5. The tops

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  6. No way I would scrap them man but that's just me every finished grow is an accomplishment and a learning experience. So that being said, I am a guy with a couple sub par grow under my belt and with a new batch that is kicking a**. You do have some troubles with the lower leaf but what is important is the new growth which is looking pretty good. What is you medium, light, and space. Whatever it is in it needs some perlite added at least 30% to start.
  7. After looking at the pictures better my thought is too much nitrogen. Have you given any nutrients? They are also over or under watered too. I had some like this I replanted in 1 gal fabric pots with added perlite to the happy frog soil and they are doing much better.
  8. Yeah I only have 2 under me, and I always only did 1 or two plants.

    It's Fox Farms Ocean Forest potting soil, the light is a 600w LED raised about 12" from the plants, and I have another 1000w sitting waiting to be used. Right now I have me a vivosun 2-in-1 tent, thats got the split for both veg and flower. the full dimension of the tent is 36"x24"x53", and currently im only using the top side of the veg section.
  9. No nutes have been added, just been utilizing the nutrients that came in the soil for now. Yeah, i'm thinking over watering, although I have been stretching the watering days waiting for the soil to dry up more.
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  10. I agree they look over watered.
    Do you have good drainage in those cups? Can't really have too many holes in the bottom of those cups
  11. Yes sir, I sure do, they've each got about 8 holes I want to say pencil width at the bottom. I wonder if it would be safe to empty the cup to check on root growth?
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  12. Any time I have troubles with such young plants, I transplant and cut the new medium with perlite. If it’s overwatered, it will benefit from transplant. If it’s underwatered, it will spring to life after a transplant and watering. If it’s nute burn, it will benefit from a transplant to low strength soil.

    There are almost no drawbacks to transplanting sickly seedlings. If it dies, I consider it for the best and move on. Not every seed will produce a plant worth growing, that’s just how nature works. Some seeds will produce beastly seedlings, some will produce a 3-4 month nightmare.

    In your particular situation, we are seeing pretty clear signs of overwatering that has caused secondary, possibly tertiary issues. The overwatering has triggered what could possibly be N toxicity, damping off, or chlorosis. No matter which way you cut it, your roots are suffering BIG TIME and need to be treated or culled. There are 2 ways I would go about this. Treat with h2o2 or transplant, and do it like YESTERDAY.

    Option 1: I would transplant to a 1/2 gal pot of literally any bagged soil and 40-50% perlite. Dust the roots LIBERALLY with myco, water the soil with a light seaweed feed.

    Option 2: Treat the soil and roots with hydrogen peroxide. H2o2 breaks up into water and oxygen. It literally waters and oxygenates your roots, while killing most organisms in your soil. I usually fill a solo cup 3/4 full of tap water, add 3-5ml hydrogen peroxide, and give it a single treatment. Make sure to flood your soil while avoiding contact with foliage. You want to kill the fungi and bacteria, not your leaves.

    Like I said, make a move soon or just trash them. They’re old enough to throw off your harvest cycle, but not old enough to spend much time on. Good luck and keep us posted. Every little incident has a lesson to be learned.
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  13. Just noticed you’re using FFOF. It way too hot for seedlings.

    Treat with h2o2 and repot in 1/2 days. You’ll thank me later....or not. LOL
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  14. What you have is a soil mixture that is retaining too much moisture and cutting off oxygen to the roots. As this problem progresses it can steer the ph off and all kinds of other issues.

    You need to transplant now. Make a mix with about 30% perlite. Course is the best if you can get it. Put them in about a 1/2 gallon pot with plenty of holes and elevate the pot out of the drain tray so it can't soak back up runoff out of the bottom of the pot.

    Many people don't elevate their pots and wonder why they're retaining too much moisture when they're resting in a puddle in the drain tray all day. You need a space between the drain tray and the pot.

    Transplant feed with a splash of ph'd water, just enough to keep them wet until the next day and they'll be bouncing back in no time. Also a low speed oscillating fan would help dry them out quicker.

    Oxygen to the roots is what you need. The leaves breath CO2, the roots breath oxygen. The plant won't grow with out both elements in abundance. Most experienced growers mix any medium they use with at least 20% perlite to promote drainage and aeration to the roots. It's extremely important for rapid growth.
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  15. Thanks for the info guys! I'll get on it and see where it goes. I'll update if I see any changes.
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  16. I use some old wire rack shelves to elevate my plants on top of walmart container lids. Works fine. IMG_1198.JPG
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  17. Sick, I had a wire rack in the veg section, so I put them on it. Also I have 3 fans inside the area blowing on them.

    Nice set up, by the way
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  18. Did you get 2 pounds off your big plant?
  19. I'm still cutting it down if you can believe that. It's not going to quite be 2 pounds it looks like. More like a pounds and a half.
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