a shroomage growth question

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dya think it might work?

  1. yep could do, depending on how dried and how well stored and how old they are

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  2. nope u dummy, that don't sound like it gonna work.

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  1. I've got a load of dried shrooms, now obviously i'm gonna munch loads, but i was wondering if perhaps scattering a few (or burrying a few) around my garden might release enough spores to get a crop next year.

    anyone have any ideas if this will work?

    any other suggestions as to how to get a yearly outdoor crop right on my doorstep?
  2. i doubt it, but its possible.

    if you want to grow your own shrooms try ordering a kit, youll have way better success and a greater chance of actually getting something...

    plus you wont be wasting perfectly good shroomies ;)

    there was a thread about it yesterday with a link, it should still be on one of the first 2 pages.
  3. Spores are not seeds =P. If its going to work it'd take only a few weeks.
  4. now what kid of shrooms are we talking about hear...anyway idk sorry..lol...thanks....peace....MrSbb
  5. okay....heres what ya need to do

    put yourself up a nice big ass fence then getcha self some COWS....put them in the fence, wait till spring?( im not into shroomsies so im not clear on if its spring or summer) but dont they grow outta cow poopoo? but my sister found a load lol in the poo in thir cow pastures. an i figure thats what the boys be pokin around for when i see them in our fields,,...."lookin for arrow heads my ass, your digging in cow poop"

    ok maybe the wrong mushies but....i tried.

  6. i don't know if it'll work... wouldn't the dried spores be unusable? you could always just buy a kit or something from sporeworks... some grain substrate, a plastic container, a pressure cooker, and some spore syringes... should do the trick :D
  7. Iw ouldn't recommend a grian substrain the first time, easier to get contaminated. Try the 50/50 brown rice flour and vermiculite. www.shroomery.org has a bunch of cultivation links.

  8. sorry, but theres no such thing as mushroom seeds.

    the spores have a nucleus that was made from the splitting of one of the mushrooms molecules. the spore goes off and lands somewhere, and if conditions are suitable (cow shit), the spore will start to grow a mushroom.
  9. The spores have to fall from live mushrooms into the cow dung and then mycelium has to grow for the mushrooms to come up and in most cases ps. cubensis matures in 24 hours.
  10. not all mushies grow on cow shit people :D lol, not to be mean or anything...

    and grain substrates aren't that bad... you can get 'em in mycrobags that are pre-sterilized and contaminate free. ya inject the spores into the bag via syringe (they even have self-sealing injection sites)... and a couple weeks later, bam... nice little bag-o-shrooms :D

    only downside is you don't get much of a harvest per bag
  11. nope, wouldnt work. if you grow them yourself thres all this special soil and special shit and sanitized jars, etc. so I dont think theyll grow just ooutside your house. unless maybe you find some cow shit.. and put em in it... lol
  12. acoruse they dont ALLL grow in cow poo(no offence taken)....but ,but,but dont THOSe kind?

    i personally like the kind that grow in the woods in the spring under under poplars an elms an not that you come across an apple orchard in the woods often but they grow there too.
    i stilll say he neds a cow.
  13. dont waste your shrooms. eat 'em. if ya wanna grow then get a kit

  14. yeah they need to be completely sterile for it to work, so your garden probably won't work to well, or at all. i think the kit or just the spore prints are the way to go. the spore prints are better IMO, then you can use what ever as a container and have the potential to have a bigger yeild.
  15. yea... growing shrooms is alot harder than it sounds, i think. i tried it using a spore print. i got half way through the whole process to the part where shrooms were supposed to be popping up and i never seen any. :( really pissed me off. i'm going to try one of the grow kits in awhile though.
  16. Yes, most hallucinogenic mushrooms grow on rotting wood,wood chips, etc. I assumed the question concerned cubensis which grows on cow dung.
  17. hey uh.. yeah this is an old thread, but i saw it is in the rec. use forum, so lots of people will see it..
    hey i was just wonderin, is it illegal to order a "shroom grow kit" in the us? annnd, where can i find info about this? i'm gonna go search around.. thanks in advance.
  18. the shrooms have to be fresh(wet not dry) to get spore prints, which is what you need if you want to cultivate them. also, go to www.shroomery.org and look up the outdoor tek to learn how to grow them, rather simple.....you just need manure, hay, and shroom spores
  19. wow. totally forgot about this. lol.
    a suprise to see THIS thread in todays active threads.
    those shrooms are gone. but we now have a little cubensis left from a mate's grow kit. pity i'm off the shrooms until i get me head sorted.

    as for the whole "get a cow and a fence" thing. .... i do happen to live on a beef farm. :D it doesnt seem to help with these mushies... but then, i dont spen alot of my time studying the cow shit up close.

    it's not a cubensis type that we get here... idk the name of them.

    here's a quick simple B&W pic of what they look like.

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  20. Actually, there are tons of homegrown psilocybe mushrooms. Most of what people buy are probably not even grown in cow shit (bulk methods such as straw, casings, etc).

    First of all, no it won't work. Chances are the mushrooms didn't get enough time to become mature, so it didn't produce spores (mushrooms must become mature to release spores, but mature psilocybe mushrooms have a lower potency to mass ratio).

    Also, even if there was spores, they must be hydrated. In order to use spores, you must let them soak in water for at least 24 hours to use.

    You don't always need to be "completely sterile" when growing. Outdoors is far from sterile and there are plenty out there.

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