a shroom experience of a homie

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by xmelanko, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. well yeah i have this homie and one day i was on AIM, while looking at his info i saw him stating he is in debt $3,390.40. (knew him since i was a freshmen in school and hes older then me, also i knew he did some what of drugs but not shroom till that day) So while i AIMED his ass and asked why he was in debt.

    He had told me that he was at his homies house taking some shrooms and he knocked out which totally fucked him over, and he said that he was screaming in his sleep and while he was screaming he was fucking going crazy as well so his homie's step mom calls the ambulance. They pick his ass and take him to the ER and THE FUNNY THING WAS THAT THEY KNEW HE WAS ON SHROOMS AND THEY LET HIM ENJOY HIS HIGH IT IN THE HOSPITAL. A couple of weeks later a bill came for the hospitallity of his trip.

    haha this taught me shrooms is fucking just out of my league!
  2. Holy shit I once did the same thing, but they never knew I was on shrooms. It didnt cost that fucking much though. I think it was like $250.
  3. Shrooms can be pretty dangerous in large quantities thats for sure... Thats why I stick to ganja :smoke:
  4. shrooms are good every once in a while but i stick to bud
  5. i wanna try shrooms but i dk where to get them
  6. i love canada and our free healthcare:)
    ps ...my reguards to your friend btw...hope he can pay up
  7. he must have took wayyyy to much. just try a half 8th if you are going to try it your first time. I know people that have taken 1/4 of an ounce of some good ass gooms and still didn't trip like that.
  8. yeah its been like 3 weeks now and i think he paid more then half so far...
  9. haha shrooms are fucking awesome... the first time i did them i took a 1/4... and damn, that was some insane shit. the stars were changing from like pink to green... it was wayyy to intense.

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