A shout-out to generous stoners out there

Discussion in 'General' started by spacecowboy, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. There are a lot of diverse people who smoke buds out there, but this a thread dedicated to those of you who are generous with your buds... here's a lil story for you.

    I work at a convenience store.. very stoner friendly job. I actually met two of my hook-ups by just picking out people who look like they got some and starting up a conversation with them. So basically, here I am about 30 minutes from close and a dude comes in looking for a blunt wrap. He asks me to pick one out for him. I grab him a purple haze blunt and we immediately start talking about smoking purple haze and AK. He seems like a chill dude.. I ask him if he could find some headies for me and we go outside to see the bag in his pocket. He takes out a nug, shows it to me.. and then tells me I can keep it. I offer to pay for it but he insists he's way to fucked up and that he wants to give it away... well thanks dude.. free weed will make any night at work a good night..

    I feel like I'm a pretty generous guy myself but I've never given a fat nug to a guy I just met.. so thanks dude.. and if you're reading this and feel the same way.. go out and spready the karma.. that's what smoking weed is all about.

  2. i always give little pieces of hash to the random homeless person in sf..if i have a bag with just shake left in it i will give it to them too...you gotta watch out and make sure they are cool enough to deserve the free smoke! it can make your day feel really good
  3. I've helped out friends when they are dry, but generally I'm too broke most of the time to just give away buds. If I had the money, I'd be much more generous. I like sharing the wealth.
  4. Yeah generous stoners rock. I always share my weed if I have some, I just find it more enjoyable myself if I share the love.

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