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  1. So her name is Kalashnikova from green house seed
    I had 3 but 2 left me :(
    This one is refusing to grow and mature like I want her to so I can later harvest her huge flowers.

    This is her 4tth veg week.
    She started with Happy Frog soil (natural & Organic) Composted forest Humus, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano,humic acid and oyster shell and dolomite lime for PH control
    Water PH: 6.5
    Room Humidity: 60ish Varies day and night
    Room Temp: Day 80 F
    Night 73 F
    3 6500 CFLs (About to add 2 6500 more)
    1 2500 CFL (About to add 2 6500 more)
    No nuts

    She has gone through soooo much stress lately: heat, humidity, dry, lights.

    Is there something natural DIY out there that can help this short lady to grow big and healthy????
    I have some Fox Farm Big Bloom. can I use that to get her big and strong??

    I appreciate the help, my lady needs professional help. :smoke:

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  2. Can you transplant her into a different pot? Most Kalashnikova phenos are bushy. If you don't want to transplant I'd consider cutting the container to where your fan and lower leaves didn't hit the sides. You want it to grow out of the pot not into it. :)

    Stay away from nutes right now. Let the (solar panels) fan leaves build itself back up. Stunted and stressed plants can slow you down a bit. Be patient and you'll see it turn into a bush even using CFL's. (Just spread them out and/or use larger watts).

    Keep it simple, it's a resilient plant. Also, I'd scan the growing topics on here but not freak out over your ppm, ph, or anything too advanced. Good soil, good seeds, decent lights, small fan, and a timer for the flowering cycle. Build your way up.

    Here's to some dank!

  3. Dude! I appreciate the help. I was starting to LST her so i taped some of the fan leafs on the side of the pot and grow more colas.
    This is just my 2nd grow, and also maybe it would be a good idea to Let it be and lst later when she is tall enough. what do you think?
    Also, just added 1 65000 cfl and a 25000 one:
    Total 4 65000 cfls and 2 2500 cfls
    thanks again man!
  4. No problem man. Yeah, I'd let her pep up a bit before doing anymore training. The harder the stems get the easier it is to stake or tie down. Cheers.
  5. c9 , if your LSTing , really you should start bending from early age as when you leave to let them strenthen up they will grow taller .......... so you may not get the bend your after . When ive LST`D plants i always let seed pop then let it sprout about 2 inches then tent PEG it until i can gradually get to TIE to side of pot . Those pots look like 20ltr pots so i would only be watering them say every 4-5 days maybe 6 as the bigger the pot the more water it can hold . Let ur plants dry out so roots can get plenty oxygen . Always better to under water than to OVERWATER ,
  6. Ps you want to drop ur ph a little bit . Ive got mine at 6 . on GHS video they got theres at 5.5 ,

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