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A short random video I made while high...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CheapBastard, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. What in the fucking FUCK???
  2. I do funny stuff with my microwave too.

    Idk, I just get ideas for funny, short videos when I'm high :smoke: :hello:
  3. Nice dude! Next time you might want to try filming a circle jerk.
  4. Talk about a hole in one...
  5. And nothing was left on the ceiling? I call shenanigans.
  6. ur fuckin weird dude
  7. should get into writitng for sketch comedy. that's the best kind anyway

  8. Picking shit up out of your toilet and slamming it against the ceiling is an everyday activity for you? I need to step my game up.
  9. at a guess its one of those fake turds made of that sticky gel like substance, which would explain why it stuck to the ceiling in one piece rather than just splattering when it hits
  10. im still laughing i cant figure out if its at you or for you....
  11. Hahahaha fake shit

    EDIT: ^ Fuck tha policee
  12. ^asshole hahaha its def fake but im still laughin my ass off
  13. So is this shit awesome or what, should I post more videos?

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