A shooting game that i feel like i must tell you all about

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  1. Heres the link if you dont feel like reading the explanation.
    Link: http://www.urbanterror.net/news.php


    When i was little (im young so thats when like N64 and snes came out) i used to be big fans of both of those systems and beat every game i could get my hands on. I played diablo 2 for a little bit, then i realized that i stopped playing videogames (not like STOPPED but i dont own any systems or any computer games except Guild Wars). I stopped because instead of wasting my time playing videogames alot, i would waste my time (so to speak) by smoking weed (and the adventures/misadventures that inevitably come from this fact) In fact, i think that very statement i just said accuratly described one reason people like our forums because regardless of who the fuck you are, if you smoke then your bound to have some crazy shit to tell people (stories).

    Holy crap i just got way off track

    Basically its a free shooting game that i found using StumbleUpon (this internet thing i dunno). Anyway it uses i think the quake 3 engine (it actually looks sick in my opinion, like the retro ish shooters you know?). Its like counterstrike but without a money system or anything. You just pick a game, pick weapons (you can change them throughout the game of course).

    Anyway, if your not looking to get into anything serious but you just want a game thats a good timewaster, then give this a chance. Plus its free.
  2. oh fuck yeah thanks man it sounds awesome ill check it out.
  3. I think its more of a poor graphics engine, than retro.
    Other than that, the quake engine is sick!
    I'm gonna have to try it.
  4. I'm gonna check this shit. Hopefully my shitty computer will run it well, if it uses the Quake III engine it just might....hopefully.

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