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  1. About 3 months ago, me and my friend guss were sitting in his room craving to get high. The only problem was that we did not have any budah, so we had to scrape his bong. The bong is a tiny 6 inch tall small little thing. He sits down and starts to scrape. one hour later, i look at this little wood plank, and it is piled FULL with resin. The piece of wood is about 6 inches long, and about 4 inches wide. the resin was about 2 and a half inches thick. We had a shitload of resin for a little 6 inch bong. We were fucked up that night
  2. Cool man...

    ... but... I dunno. I've never been able to get even a little bit high from the resin I've scraped from my bong. And I've scraped a LOT!

    Smokin the resin is a fairly new concept to me after three years of smokin. Is there anythin you have to do to it beforehand?

    Somone said somethin 'bout leavin it to dry....????
  3. Well, you dont really have to leave it to dry. Just do your best to roll it up into a ball. Then throw it in your pipe and toke away. I also havent got much off of resin myself. I smoked 3 bowls of resin and was barley buzzin
  4. I think the best way to smoke resin is to put it on a little plate and stick it in the microwave for a little bit. Then when it is dry, put it in your bong and smoke it.
  5. Yeah sometimes if the resin isnt dry, it wont light up and smoke, I end up sucking on the bong so hard it snaps the resin right through without gettin any smoke...So i'd reccomend drying it in the microwave or leaving it out for a day to dry.
  6. I've boiled a bowl with a shit load of resin in it in a pot on my stove.( i'd only recomend this if you have a lot of time because it really makes a lot of smell) I did it until it boiled then i put the water through a strainer with a coffee filter inside of it and collected all of the leftover resin. I left that inside of my shed for aboiut 2 days. I got about a bowl and a half worth and it got me pretty high. This is after about a month of smoking out of the bowl without scraping it.
  7. resin is a good time. hahahaha..why is that funny? cause I can actually get stoned off it..I usually find myself with a minor amount of shake and so I scrape the bowl out for a goood ol cleaning and resinin for myself, and viola! I take the shake and resin roll it up into a big goofy (haha, gooey I meant but had to keep goofy there cause it looked funny as hell) ball of lil leafage and blah. and toke.
  8. Use a small screwdriver or a butter knife to scrape the resin, then apply it to a rolling paper. After you get as much resin as you can out of the smoking implement, fold the paper in half (or if there is a lot, put another paper on top of it sandwich-like). cut the "resin-sandwich" into squares small enough to put in a pipe without folding the paper. You can then hit this and get high off it. Each square will give you like 3 hits or more (depending on how much resin is in it) and will keep the resin from boiling down into a crust or just dripping thru the screen back into the bowl (where you just scraped it from , hence useless).

    This is the best way I have found.

  9. im pretty sure the water makes it so theres no thc in the resin on the inside of the bong..
    idk tho just what ive heard. I've personally never smoked bong resin.. but im tokin on a fat bowl of resin from my bowl piece.

    peace n pot :smoke:
  10. I've never microwaved my resin, that would make it too goopy to manage IMO. What I do is take a paper plate, scrape all the crap onto it, then fold it in half and herd all of the specks into the bowl. Since all the screens are absent from my sinks I resort to using cigarette ashes as a screen, it works pretty well. Hope this was somewhat informative...:rolleyes:
  11. i dont let my resin dry. i toke it , it bubbles up a bit. get shit faced after 1 bowl
  12. I smoke resin, but I dont get much since I only hit bong anymore. I have found though, that resin is best hit through a bong, well atleast for me.

    I know when I hit it in a bowl, it taste like ass, and it doesnt get me high. So I bong hit it, and cough my balls off, and I get high.

    Almost out of weed again, I am debating, make it last til Wensday?, Buy more weed today? or trip balls on DXM. I love that I have the choice of this lol
  13. resin is gnarly. its about %2 thc, hardly gets you high, and its a totally different high. i guess its better than nothing.. and just the thought of smoking microwaved resin makes my skin crawl.
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  17. He meant that you resurrected the thread by posting in it again, after all of those months.
  18. gotcha thanks
  19. Best way to smoke resin is spots or hotknives for you americans, lol.
    Small ball of resin, like the size of the red bit on the end of a match between two knives that have been heating on your stove top or heated by a blowtorch inhaled through a bottle with the bottom broken off.... three of them will get anyone high, resin is the bomb
  20. it is called knifers..
    But i do agree, smokin resin with knifes is the best way to get high off it. I do alot of knifers at my house, and i have a special set of knives too. lol, use old butter knives, they will never be clean aagain,...

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