A shit load of white fuzz now..

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  1. Its all white and fuzzy. They are old bags that have been outside. I livein the nw so its been 30-50 degrees lately with rain. Im hoping I can reuse this soil. I have done a few compost teas using this soil when it had plants in it. I brushed away half the bag to show contrast. It was white over the whole top layer and about an inch deep. I have 12 of these 5 gal bags full of nice organic mix and most of them have the same thing.

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  2. Im wondering if this stuff is bad or benificial fungus.
  3. try germinating some clover seed... cost around $2 a pound usually
  4. Location: no, fuck you, why would i tell you where i live. where do you live asshole?


  5. i would guess that the soil is totally fine.......just nature doing it's job......

  6. [quote name='"jerry111165"']Location: no, fuck you, why would i tell you where i live. where do you live asshole?



  7. Haha...thanks guys
  8. Looks to me like Cobweb fungus.
  9. Have any good parties lately? One of your bros could of barfed over the deck rail right into your smart pot!

    I wouldn't use it for cannabis or food crop. Throw it in the flower bed.


  10. It is hard for me to tell you what type of fungus you have growing from your pic, But if it is white, it should be alright and might be beneficial to your soil. If you do not like looking at it turn your soil over and it should disappear. I get white fungus that looks like santa's beard or kind of webby that grows on my soil and I have never taken any steps to stop it from growing and it has never caused me any problems.

    If the fungus looks blue, green or funky colored I'd start googling fungi to be sure......MIW
  11. [quote name='"hope2toke"']try germinating some clover seed... cost around $2 a pound usually[/quote]

    I agree with MIW. But this also looks like sound advice to me.

    Oh n, where do u get ur $2 a # clover from? I cant easily find any of that in my area. Not alfalfa or anything :( did u order it?
  12. yeah, its kind of webby just like your talking about. It doesnt bother me if its benificial. I plan on using the soil next month.

    fill me in on why i should get some clover seeds?
  13. Really quickly.

    Why i would choose a living mulch.
    Holds moisture, and keeps your living soil intact between transplanting (i mainly want it to hold my fungal growth when i dont have anything growing in there.)

    I used to drop my fan leaves or grass clippings as a mulch. But i had an episode where it rained and i had to leave my girls in the flowering box for a while. The humidity climbed stupid high, and a white fungi (like what seen in the pix above) started to grow. I thought nothing of it. thinking that it was good breaking down the mulch and adding nutrient to my soil i was actually kind of stoked. then the mold climbed up my tree. and started attacking my plant. i started freaking out and took off the mulch and clipped off the mold. It took a bit to fight off but i eventually got it. Ever since then i kinda freaked out at mulch. i think i had kind of a lot of mulch tho, so im more sure it was more my fault than anything else lol :p kinda went off topic but oh well lol
  14. Thanks SD and Jerry, you guys have me convinced. Now where is the best place to get them?

  15. e-bay, amazon, or your local garden ctr.

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