A shard of glass broke off in my peice =(

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by c0mma, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Hey guys. So I was cleaning my piece not too long ago and I stuck a bobby pin in the bowl to try to scrape out some of the resin. I didn't think i pushed too hard but apparently I did because now there's a good-sized shard of glass floating around in my piece. It's not small enough for me to take out manually but it doesn't seem like there would be any issue with it just chillin' in there for a while (especially since i plan on using it this weekend). What should I do??
  2. Had the same problem, but I just left it in there. As long as it's big enough that you won't suck it through I'd say just leave it.
  3. i would take care of it dude. U can see the big shard but there may have been little shards of glass that broke off too that you didnt wanna see...u dont wanna be inhaling little shards of glass or glass dust...that shitll ruin your lungs...
  4. my girlfriend has broken 2 of my pieces and one of her own scraping them for resin with a bobby pin

    DON'T SCRAPE, just clean it

    and don't smoke out of broken glass
  5. How would I do this? Is there any other way to try to get it out or should I just buy a new piece?
  6. Blow in the hole where you put the weed.

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