A Selection of Writings

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  1. These are just a few of my random writings I've done in the past. Some are in a poem form, some are just random thoughts. The poems might not be in great form, but it's all raw emotion, which I always find more beautiful than form. But here they are:

    An obsession with time, an obsession with what has passed.
    Pushing against the flow, reaching for the forgotten.
    Yearning for the innocence, grasping only failure.
    Cynical about the future, reaching for an end.
    Lost in a moment of time, the world continues on around me. Forever stuck in this one place, as the body ages, the soul stays. When the light of life turns to the darkness of death, the pain will be gone. No more childhood innocence, no more fairy tales. The world around me grows more wretched with each passing day, while the tales of a land where you never grow old taunt my very existence as not being reality. This never-land will never become real, but the mentality will forever be in place. When the light does fade to darkness, and the eternal sleep becomes all I understand, the worries of such a land will never surface as a desire to be true. Lost in the ocean of ordinary I will never feel complete. A great void plagues the soul, my very existence insignificant. Perhaps at one point, throughout the span of time, the sweet innocence of childhood will once again inhabit my mind and all the worries will be laid to rest with ignorance. Suffering is a grand pestilence throughout all walks of life. Incurable to say the least, the very pain of every living organism is rampant throughout my empathetic soul. Maybe it is the suffering of others that creates my outlook of the world. Maybe that is why I would prefer the childhood innocence of ignorance. To take the world's pain, is an impossible feat.
    On this day, my spirit has died
    No longer apart of this world,
    I float hopelessly towards an end.

    On this day, my spirit has died
    Further isolated from the world,
    I grasp despiratly for my existence.

    Continuing down the path of life,
    Numbing myself to experience,
    Crumbling down, I feel no tears.

    No more emotion escapes the soul
    No longer intune with one another
    Soon enough I've fully turned away.

    Long since my days of feeling
    No more I shall endure emotion
    For on this day, my spirit has died.
  2. good poems, they are certainly 'raw emotion' like u say. very sad.

    eat some xtc lol. then move 600 miles in any direction. thats my cure for sadness.

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