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  1. ok, ok, before I get flamed (doesn't happen much on gc tho)- but I'm posting in advanced, hoping to get responose from someone who KNOWS what they're talking about.

    So, I'm still working on cloning- god, I suck at that! Meanwhile I'm trying to germ some expensive seeds. One is cracking- so tap root should folow VERY soon! I always thought they were to be planted root down, however recently read to plant them root up- so that they GROW down. Planting root down hasn't worked fantastically for me- so thought this was worth asking about.

    Also, peat pellets or not 'jiffy' pellets. Other option is party cups- I have seedling starter mix, vermeculite & perilite.:confused: Then humidity dome or no?

    I only have 10 of these seeds. And several FREE seeds. The free ones are the only ones I got to grow & had only male.:devious: Besides I ate to waste my time on unknown strain. So, I'd LOVE to be able to make a go of the 'good ones'. At least until I can ge tthis whole cloning thing nailed down. Thanks ya'll.
  2. What's the question? Cloning cannabis is only one step up from cloning tomatoes- it's stupid simple, but some varieties are easier than others. If you're trying to clone in peat pellets and can't get roots in 7 days, there's something wrong. When you start seeds by wet paper towel method, poke a hole in your medium with a toothpick and plant the taproot facing down, leave the seed shell that contains the rest of the sprout just under the surface. If the seeds are good it will break ground in 24hrs.
  3. Firstly, what are you going to be growing in? Germing and planting seedlings can take many different forms which will vary a little depending on the destination medium.

    As far as cloning, build an aero cloner. Countless DIY tutorials all over the place. Will cost you less than $35 to build. Will work with a huge successful outcome percentage guaranteed. You'll be glad you did.

    As far as planting, radicle up, radicle down, radicle sideways. Have planted them all three ways and have had all threee work. Probably more important than planting orientation is planting depth. MJ does not need to be planted very deep. I go 1/4 inch. Basically a pencil eraser's worth of soil on top of the seed. Keep it moist until it pokes its head out of the soil, then cut back on the water, only watering when the soil in the whole container is fairly dry.
  4. Thanks- I will grow hydro. I seem to do ok once I get stuff rooted. It's just getting there. I did build an aerocloner. My dh said it wouldn't work & took the clones out w/i 24 hours. He's out of town- so I put some in nearly a week ago. No roots- but they look ok. I wonder if Thrive would help- but I just gave them plain water.

    Seeds- ok. So far, they've molded after planting in peat pucks. I had them in a dome though. And tried not to over water- as I'm sure I've done that before. I've also got some rapid rooters left- but never tried seeds in them. Just clones & it didn't work out for me. =(

    So, the plants I just finshed harvesting & the ones I currently have growing were unrooted clones given to me by someone. I kept them under a humidity dome & misted them a few times a day with distilled water. They were in oasis cubes (tried it that way to). And since they all thrived- I'm thinking I'm doing something screwy with the cutting & 'planting'.

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