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    So I heard that trillions and billions of light years away in our galaxy or another galaxy heir is an exact replica of Earth but its really close to thee sun and it's really hot and not a fully developed planet but with this knowledge I was tripping thee fuck out like what if there is actual clones of us with different personalities and shit but they know we exist and our watching our every move and plan to over run us! What do you guys think about this? Like what if we are our own aliens?
  2. yea man its pretty scarry :( maybe that what 2012 dec will be :eek:
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    2012 isn't real
  4. i dont like you anymore :(
  5. I welcome it tbh, this world is boring as it is, if some aliens run up in this bitch spraying then cool
  6. quickest friendship ever lolol
  7. yes i know man so sad.

    i thought we had a connection too:(
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    Ahaha we do have a inner connection:)
    I love you<3
    But for real I don't think 2012 is real because they were talking about how this month is supposedly judgement day like thee very en of this month so I don't know we are going to have to see what happens
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    I know right even if we do die I believe in parallel universes and I just think our energy will be reincarnated to another earth because there's billions of galaxies and we don't know a damn thing about them we don't even know what's in this one so anything is possible
  10. you heard a planet might exist?

    no no, it does exist.

    the coincidental occurrences that have led us to where we are today are 100% possible to happen exactly again.

    just might take a few billion years like it took us.


    this osama bullshit is to hide that aliens have landed.
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    Aha maybe maybe thee government does know all about all these different earths and where they are I don't believe we truly die then because if that's true then we must be born on thee other earths I think that's why we dream we were somewhere we've never been before but it seems like we know it soo well also thee people in our how do you know we haven't met them already?
    Also where did thee phrase meet you in another life come from and used so often??
  12. yeah at least trillions of light years :rolleyes:

    sounds very anthropocentric
  13. yay i loves you too >.<

    but yea. i feel you bout the other predictions in this year thats suppost to happen.
  14. Actually scientists have found a planet only 20 light years away. It is nearly identical to Earth. Considering it is so close and took such a short period of time to find, experts believe there is a high possibility that several more "Goldie-lock" planets may exist in our solar system.

    Check it out, its pretty mind blowing...
    Gliese 581 g - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Aha youre very silly.
    Good convo sir or she whatever you are aha imma miss you
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    Really? Fuck man so do you believe in parallel universes too as well I think they're real like for real I think our energy just travels and is reincarnated.
  17. I mean this planet existence dosn't have much to do with parallel universes...It just proves the possibility of living on a different world within this same realm of existence.

    However, I do believe we all are sharing a path among an infinite array of alternate realities. And I do believe our energy is reincarnated...in some form.
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    Hm..that's some deep stuff to think about. Thanks for making this thread interesting:)
    You seem like a very intelligent individual.
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    i was just thinkin about that super hot planet out there in some solar system far far away. it'd be kinda cool if we developed some sorta 'cold nuke' into its core (note quotes, fission, fussion.. creates heat.. roll with me.. )

    Chill that planet core a few degrees and accelerate it into an inhabitable, or at least survivable planet. Hmm.. leave a couple satellites in orbit monitoring surface and atomospheric conditions full of phytoplankton and bacteria canisters, that'd release and drop once conditions are hospitable to transforming
  20. still uber anthropocentric

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