A Sealed Pack of Cigarettes went through the Wash

Discussion in 'General' started by CannaChris420, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. It was brand new, and I left it in my pants pocket. It went through the wash. Now, about a month later, they're still sitting in my drawer. I opened the pack and they look/smell fine. Again, the pack was sealed, brand new. Do you guys think they're safe to smoke?

    (I'm only asking because I've had an incredibly awful week financially, and I just so happen to be out of cigarettes). I have 2lbs of Cigarette Tobacco but nothing beats a Marlboro Menthol for me. I need an answer ASAP, as I'm sure the other smokers on this board know what its like to go more than a few hours without a bogie! :mad:
  2. Lol when you're craving that nicotine , any cig is good enough to smoke. :smoke:

    & yes they're fine , if wet let em sit out for a bit. And put em' in an old empty pack or something. :D
  3. Do you really think washing them made them more toxic than they already are?
  4. if anything they would just be wet! smoke away my friend!
  5. This.......
  6. Good choice OP, when I buy a pack (Once every few months) I always get Marlboro Menthol. But yeah, Id smoke em if I were you. If they still had the cellophane on them I would think they wouldnt get wet at all. :cool:
  7. Haha, this is EXACTLY the point I was trying to make when my friend literally STRESSED that I shouldn't smoke them now. I couldn't believe that detergent alone would make a sealed pack of cigarettes any more harmful. Thanks for the help guys! I just smoked one, it was fine.

    This thread can be closed now. :wave:
  8. I bet you were high when you did it. And I bet they will taste like burnt soap. If I were you, I would put them through the wash again without any soap :p
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