A salute to some seasoned tokers...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by telluride toker, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. Just a couple tokers who I would like to salute for being good old stoners. Please add on your own. Little bit of a weird post, I know, but being high makes me really appreciate others in the smoking community.

    First, Ganjamom. The queen of brownies.

    Second, cs-shoota. Almost lost you a few weeks back, and it's great that you stayed on.

    Third, Mike Oxlong. I just love that picture of towlie. Period.

    P.S. I apologise agian for the oddness of this post.
  2. Zonedude. Props to zonedude as well.
  3. I'll second that motion...... i havent been around too much but you all rock
  4. here's a holla...:D.... to every one who contributes on the board.....rock on... ya'll make the city what it is......:)

  6. good list, good guys good crew. ...

    ... can we all go do the resevoir dogs thing? :D

    yeah my list is too long and you all know who you are anyways,.
  7. Not really upto date but pretty close :D... Cali_Toker PM X
    hippie john PM X
    Kind_Of_Bongish PM X
    unoit PM X


    .ViciouS. PM X
    420 Shade PM X
    420girlie PM X
    aeroblurg PM X
    AlphaOmega PM X
    arseface PM X
    Big "D" PM X
    Big Poppa Puff PM X
    BillyBongThortn PM X
    Blix PM X
    Bud Head PM X
    bud stuffer PM X
    budburner PM X
    cloudman PM X
    ColoradoWolf PM X
    cowboysaxman PM X
    cowofsteel PM X
    cs_shoota PM X
    D9_THC PM X
    daiseyduked PM X
    DaWodin PM X
    deadhead PM X
    Digit PM X
    dirtydingusus PM X
    dizzysavage PM X
    dr_krapp PM X
    earth girl PM X
    elementxero PM X
    eyecon PM X
    farside12 PM X
    flowerchild420 PM X
    ganjaguy420 PM X
    GanjaMom PM X
    ganjaphish PM X
    Golem-146 PM X
    gravy PM X
    hailChickenWing PM X
    highawatha PM X
    hydrator PM X
    IceCreamKidd PM X
    IGotTheCottons PM X
    IMMothership PM X
    IndianaToker PM X
    InferiorWang PM X
    isis_420 PM X
    Jada PM X
    JJ the beast PM X
    justme PM X
    Kaos PM X
    KB_124 PM X
    KraziHare PM X
    KronosX PM X
    lacrossestar PM X
    LadyX PM X
    Masco PM X
    mcurry PM X
    MrSmokebigbuds PM X
    Mr_Criminal PM X
    mslegallyblonde PM X
    mulli_melli PM X
    MysteryMoogle PM X
    namron_420s PM X
    NdicaBud PM X
    NuBBiN PM X
    obliviot PM X
    overgrowray PM X
    patchoulie420 PM X
    phunkyphil PM X
    Pothead Pete PM X
    Prometheus PM X
    Reform MaryJane Laws PM X
    Ripped Bob. PM X
    roach PM X
    Samus PM X
    sarah_sweetie77 PM X
    sensimil PM X
    sidious PM X
    sjaak PM X
    Skreebly PM X
    smokin&tokin PM X
    smokinokie PM X
    stevieponiczz PM X
    stonie jo PM X
    stonygurl PM X
    Stylez1877 PM X
    superjoint PM X
    Swan PM X
    Switch PM X
    tednugent PM X
    Terminus PM X
    THC101 PM X
    the rainman! PM X
    TheHempress PM X
    TooSicKs PM X
    ugeman420 PM X
    vatoloco PM X
    weedboss PM X
    weedeater PM X
    WhitE_RabbiT PM X
    woody PM X
    xplicitcontent PM X
    XxJWxX PM X
    ZIA PM X
    zonedude PM X

    :D.l know l missed someone l like sorry.
  8. kind_of_bongish, it wouldn't be a seasoned tokers forum without you.
  9. By the way, referring to jesus christ like that will make you burn in eternal hellfire for all eternity where all your millions of dollars won't buy you so much as a single drink of water.


  10. You tell him, zonedude. I think a spanking is in order.

  11. seemed like a half assed attempt attempt on being dirty.....

    C'mon..... you all ya need is a lil lick lick slurp to get the box movin the way you want it....:D
  12. Dont know you all to salute ya,but i guess ill salute myself for 18 going on 19 seasoned years puffin with mary jane.
  13. stick three poofs in a thread with a couple of lines ripe for spinning into some sordid enuendo and whadya get?

    ... some bizarre sexually depraved behavior the likes of wich are only found in the box..... and thats how they like it. :p
  14. only poof i know is a semi dirogatory word in Au...:D

    p.s. i can't spell

  15. :D

    arf arf.

    poof! someone poured sweet and sour gravy all over this thread!

    (this could catch on... do ya think we should start an official or unofficial "Poof! ......" thread. .;) :p ) bleh. lol. :rolleyes:

  16. Yaeh, Critter. I love you ya big lug ;)

    Stony G
    Stony J
    You guys rock the vote *lol*
  17. *raises bong to all those listeed and many more...*
    on the main page there are soo many "+"s next to names showing who is online :)
  18. I love the familarity ive gotten with some of your views. Reading your buddy list critter makes me reminiss - your all great thats why im here. :)
  19. hey critter....thanks for puting me on your list brother......
  20. aww.. this post just makes me sad.

    so many have we lost...

    be civil people! its easy!!!

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