A sad, sad story.

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  1. It's a decently lengthy post, but it rings home for certain people.

    Recently a friend of mine thought it would be funny to bake some hash brownies, and trick his mom into eating some as a joke. So after baking em and setting a few out with a note on the side saying "Mom you can have a couple, I made extras" He set off for school.

    Fast forward a week. Her job has a random drug test and she's "let go" for not passing. She comes home in shackles, extremely confused, and inconsolable. She's worked years for this company, worked her way up, and now it's all to shit.

    My friend confessed to his mom about this whole ordeal and she kicked him out of the house, telling him that once he got his life straight, and could apologize for something of that magnitude, to come talk to her.

    My friend has become extremely depressed, and feels like he's ruined his relationship with his mother.
  2. So she ate the brownies, and I'm guessing got quite fucking high, and couldn't put 2 and 2 together? I mean stoner kid makes brownies, lets you have some, mom is baked for ~4+ hours, and she can't figure that out?

    Maybe she can get her job back in the future. Now that she knows why she failed the test, it really does sound like her boss could be a bit sympathetic to her.
  3. damn man, that sucks. I would feel pretty shitty. My mom always used to give me crap for leaving me weed around because if someone sees it she could lose her job (she's a teacher). If something like that happened I would feel soooo bad....
  4. omg. that's terrible. like. i wouldn't know what to do. your moms life would be just ruined. wtf. thats soo sad. damn im high/:confused:
  5. he should talk to his mom tell her to explain the situation to his boss that she was tricked into the consumption of weed.
  6. Dude, that's fucked up. Hope everything goes well for your friend's mom. As for your friend, make sure he doesn't have a date rape hookup,.. seems he has fun druggin' people.
  7. In my opinion, your friend is a complete dumb ass. He has ruined his relationship with his Mother. Why would anyone joke around with something like that? Unfortunately, there's pretty much nothing your friend can do to help get her job back. He needs to talk to his Mom and have a sincere, honest conversation. Hopefully his Mom is very forgiving, because I know many people who wouldn't forgive something like that...
  8. He's absolutely a dumbass.

    Sure she might have noticed something after the brownies but by then ti's too fucking late, so it wouldn't have mattered.
  9. Why the hell do people think it's 'funny' to trick people into consuming substances? I feel awful for your friend's mother; however, I think your friend deserves to horribly depressed for that =/
  10. Random Drug Tests actually happen? what type of job did she have? I thought they were just threats!
  11. Wow.... your friend fucked up big time. He should find out who her boss is, and personally confess to him. he would have to be the worlds biggest bitch to ask HER to do that, to whoever suggested that.
  12. Damn thats fucked up. What a dumbass kid, he deserves to be kicked out.
  13. What a fuckin moron.
  14. The kid needs to go to the boss himself, and tell him all about the situation, and ask if she can get her job back. Maybe even do some voluntary work for the company as well, just to prove that he cares.

    If he doesn't do something like that, then he deserves to be kicked out.
  15. THIS!!!!
    Quoted For truth!
  16. There is no way the boss would hire the mom back just because the kid told that story.
    I know stoners try to find the peaceful solution to the problem - but it would not work.
  17. qft..
  18. That's a fucked up thing to do to your mother, regardless of it being a joke or not.

    I highly doubt that even if he does go to the company that they would care one way or another how she became positive.

    I just don't think it would happen. You can't just hire back someone because of a story their child tells. Even if the manager wanted to hire her back or felt sorry for her I doubt it would happen.
  19. Drugging someone unwillingly is about as disrespectful and morally corrupt as it gets. She had obviously made the choice to not smoke marijuana and the fact that he couldn't respect means that he has ruined his relationship with his mom and completely ruined her life.
  20. UPDATE:

    So the kid tried talking to her old boss, the boss was somewhat sympathetic, but basically told him that company policy was set in stone, no matter what the circumstances, althought his mom and him have made up in a sense.

    They've started talking again, and he's doing everyhting he can to make it right.

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