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A rookie stoner needs advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by israelj055, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. I been smoking all day and ive gotten super sleepy and i gotta cut by backyard in 2 hours how do i get energized. And no im not gonna do a like of coke.


    My next door neighbors pretty cute, how do i approach her about smoking with me.
  2. stop smoking...........
  3. Lets see, to get energized get some caffeine into your system, and dont jump the gun asking her to smoke with you, get friends with her first
  4. Next time do your chores before you get all baked. Now suck it up and do the lawn.
  5. Eat some REAL food(something nutricious, not junk), drink cold water, and take a shower.

    After that go to your neighbors house, see if she's home, if so tell her you have got some great weed and ask if she wants to join you for a session at some place and some time(specify time and location).

    Just take a deep breathe and relax, just do it don't be nervous.
  6. I always smoke before cleaning or doing yard work. I love it!

    Smoke less?
  7. Get up and move around. Drink a red bull. Smoke less weed.

    As for your neighbor, if she comes out say "I'd rather be smoking some grass than cutting it" and see if she bites.
  8. Just start doing it, you'll get energy. And just ask her. Duh.
  9. :laughing:

    Take a shower and go right outside or try to sneak in a nice nap.
  10. Well said OSG :)

  11. brilliant
  12. chores: break out the ipod, crank up some tunes and mow, baby, mow.

    neighbor chick: just ask her if she wants to smoke some pot. best to find out right away if shes smokes or not.

    i hope it works out well for you!

  13. most people now-a-days smoke, just start out talking to her about smoking
  14. That's not even close to being true, but I agree with your suggestion about talking to her about it if the chance arises. 'Most' people don't smoke. 'Most' people might not care if other people do but smokers are not the majority of people.
  15. Yea i'm the same way if i gotta cut the lawn i smoke a bowl right before to make mowning the lawn not so miserable haha. Although here in florida it doesn't always work when its 95 and humid as fuck out, no amount of weed is going to make that fun.
  16. oh yea and she does smoke she mentioned it on twitter
  17. Then man up and ask her if she wants to burn one then take it from there. It's not hard to do.
  18. Just smoke a little joint while you're working...Will help
  19. The question: How do I cut the lawn and ask this girl out??

    GC's answer: Cut the damn lawn and ask that fucking girl out.

    Jesus doesn't give better advice.

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