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  1. I'm looking to get away from blunts. What's a joint paper that burns slow, stays lit between hits and healthier overall? I tried Elements and Raws b4. Wasn't really satisfied but prefered Raws to Elements.
  2. zigzag ultra thin. its non bleached and rice based papers.
  3. Man, I always enjoyed Raws. That clean burn they have...
    Anyway I've heard good things about ZigZag slow-burns.
  4. I'll check up on em.

    "How many years suppose it takes to get famous?"

  5. I had raws before I just don't like them going out between hits. It gets annoying to have to relight!

    "How many years suppose it takes to get famous?"

  6. Raws or elements. I've been using the hemp papers like hempires, pure hemp, etc. lately and they're alright. But you can never go wrong with rawwwwwwwwwwws
  7. Raws all the way. :]
  8. zig zags or raws.
  9. Get orange zigs man.
    "Gas station" papers, but I like them pretty good. Didn't really love Raws, strongly disliked elements.
  10. hempire 1/2 are the shit they burn for 20 minutes without a doubt. i'm actually on my way to pick up some more haha. elements are also really awesome because they are so thin so you're smoking a healthier paper, you can see your weed kinda, easy to roll, except don't lick the sticky heavily
  11. Raw's if you can deal with them being hard to roll and not stayin lit... Or

    Zigzag ultra thins(orange shiney pack) slow burning. These are my go to papers. They never go out, they burn evenly with the weed, minimal canoeing if not none at all, easy to roll and easy to find not to forget cheap!
  12. Get some orange zig zags or job rolling papers
  13. Zig Zag ultra thins all day
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    These raws have a built in tray and roaches
    RAW Artesano
  15. Zagler whites. Not slow burning but idgaf

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  16. Ask that exact same question to somebody working at a gas station, make their day 

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