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  1. It has come to my attention that one of my favorite players used roids. I never even suspected A-Rod to have ever used steroids because
    1. He didn't even look like it, he didn't have that artificially bulked up look like Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Canseco, Giambi, etc.
    2. He never seemed to have that MEAN period. I know he's not the most personable guy with the press, but fuck those guys anyway. I know for a fact he's never said no to signing a ball because of what skin color someone was, and he never charged money for it. (not like he needs it, but none of them do)

    In 2001 he hit 52 homers, in 2002 he hit 57. In 2003, the year he tested positive, he only hit 47. I'm just gonna assume that he'd been taking steroids for more than just one year. I'm actually gonna so far as to assume that the year he tested positive was not one of his more roided years.

    When I heard about it my dad had to stop me from burning my Yankees Rodriguez #13 jersey. I'm not kidding, either.
  2. dude. i feel exactly the same. i diddnt do anything that weekend but lay down in bed and try to watch everything i could. trying to convince myself it was bullshit.

    but i got you topped bro,

    first clemens, my childhood HERO

    now arod. somebody i was counting on the bring the homerun record back in the yankees uniform
  3. hes said he used the roids when he played for texas 01-03 i think it was

  4. yeah i saw that now.

    and nyystateofmind, i was wishing the same thing. now even if he does take the record, it will still just have an asterisk next to it like bonds. as for clemens, yeah he's bullshitting everyone about not knowingly using banned substances.
  5. boo i dont really like baseball. but hey

  6. Could be telling the truth now but I still wouldn't bet anything on his time tables.

  7. me neither.
  8. As a true Yankee fan...I hate this mother fucker, can't you just see the hurt & pain in his eyes, I do not feal sorry for this IGNORANT fool. As if the Yanks dont have enough media problems, enter this fuck face. This is the face of baseball people, take a good look. I do however fell sorry for the new (money) I mean players that we just signed, on the other hand it might work in thier favor, taking some of the media away from the new guys & focus on A-rod & his cousin's tic-tac problem.

  9. I hope i can get to a yankees game at fenway this year so I can boo his ass off, gonna be fun. I can't wait to see the yankee's first game at fenway, its gonna be HARSH:D
  10. yeah bro, that whole press conference was a fucking joke. with his bullshit answers. his fucking smirks.

    him and all of his people are FUCKING RETARDED! he could have just said i used "them" or "it" (dont incriminate yourself) from 2001-2003. i fucked up im sorry i cheated my mercy is in your hands.

    but he diddnt... and he fucked up since the second he got there with like 5 pages of paper to read from.

    i dont really understand how somebody so successful is so fucking blind to the fact that people can see right through him. and he doesnt know what people want to hear.

    on the other hand i look foward to having him bat cleanup for the yankees this year. i will support him on the field until he has retired or left the yankees organization.
  11. He's still going to get a shit load runs in, I mean having said what has been said about him he's still one of the best hitters in the game, I dont beleive in magic, all the great players mentioned with steriods most likely would have made it into the hall of fame without using anyway, these guys are born with that ability & work hard for many years to be that good. The pressure would be on any of us if there were 100,000 kids buying your jersey, some want to make those kids think of them as a hero & will do whatever it takes. There are thousands of kids imulating A-Rod on the field, batting like him...shit I've even seen kids with thier hair cut like his, frosted & everything...how far will they go now.

    I do want to say, that in reality...I dont actualy hate A-rod as a person, just what he did & how he is now going about it.

    He hasnt seen nothing yet, wait until he walks into the Field at Fenway, its going to look like WWE Wrestle Mania with all the signs.

    The bottom line is we need some good, positive news, need to clean the stripes up, loosing is one thing, but being labled as a cheater is another, were going to have to put a stop to that & turn this ship around, & get back to playing Yankee ball, & that means getting back to hanging banners.

    Texiera batting 3rd with A-rod cleaning up, Looks to me like 60 / 70 maybe even 80 homers, resulting in possibly well over 200 RBI's. If Posada & Matsui come back healthy there's a shit load more right there, Jeter & Damon are going to get thiers, Nady looked real good at the end there last season, not sure about Swisher or even if he will be on the team, Cano is a huge question mark, should have moved him a long time ago. Of course we cant be lost on pitching, thats just a real big question mark right there...realy dont know what any of those guys are going to do.

    All I know is I'm ready either way...

  12. man ...baseball still damaging it's image

  13. and my second favorite sport is fucking cycling! :mad:
    damn roids and speed they're taking.

  14. ouch that sucks
  15. You know its getting bad when a redneck tire changer for a nascar race team is juicing.

    Curling is next.
  16. doesnt mean anything. remmember the bullshit story that broke out about andy pettite and clemens when they were in houston?

    whatever, this should not be a big deal anymore. he did steroids. thats it. shut the fuck up! it doesnt matter when he did them, its that fact that he did. so lets stop crying over spilled milk and fucking get ready for some baseball!

    fuck the media

  17. It matters that he lied to millions of americans during his coming clean press conference
  18. i just wish players had balls.
    when asked about whether he (arod) was cheating, he said "That's not for me to determine."
    c'mon man. grow some testies and say "yeah, i do."
  19. Did you guys see Ozzie Guillen's reaction? I fucking love Ozzie

    He totally called A-Rod out on being a liar and says that he's basically spitting in everyone's face...I can't seem to find the quote, but they've been playing it on Sportscenter

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