A-Rod admits to steroid use

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  1. Rodriguez did roids from 2001 to 2003. Anyone shocked or surprised?

    I'm not anymore. Baseball is full of taint.
  2. Not surprised at all. If you look at the Rangers team roster from 2001-03, there's a bunch of juicers: Ivan Rodriguez, Ken Caminitti, Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro, and those are just the ones that have been caught...plus he's only admitting to taking steroids from 01-03, doesn't mean thats the only time period he actually used-just the time period that he got caught.
    And ya, I'm a sox fan :D
  3. dont think for second that ortiz diddnt take steroids (averaged 10 homeruns a year before the sox picked him up for 1 mill.) but then again dont think for a second that anybody is clean.

    from a yankees fans perspective and a baseball fans, arod fucked up big time, and it cost all of us wheter you like him or not a chance to see the all time homerun record broken legitimately.

    and now, i think that he has been taking steroids since day one! he never got bigger, there was never a spike in his numbers, except when he went to texas but, smaller left field and its more humid.
  4. Hey, I'm not just ragging on Arod, at this point there isn't a single player out there that would surprise me if they got revealed as a former juicer. But to respond to the Ortiz diss, ya he got much better after going to the sox, but he's stayed at that level since testing so I think it's just talent. And Arod didnt get a lot bigger because the particular steroids he tested positive for are supposed to make you stronger with as little mass gain as possible. and ya, GO SOX!:hello:
  5. Ortiz's numbers increased steadily...there's no obvious evidence pointing to a spike in his production.

    In two of his first three seasons he played less than 20 games, so citing a HR average statistic is a hugely flawed argument. If you look at his career starting when he began playing close to a full schedule, he added about 10 home runs to his average every year. He didn't hit 26 more home runs than his previous mark late in his career like Barry Bonds.
  6. there was no spike in arods numbers either. but im not sure if i believe him only taking them 01-03
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    Ya he's only admitting things that he's already gotten caught on so who knows. Personally, I don't necessarily think he's lying though because even though his numbers didn't spike (besides having more homeruns those three years), its probably because he didn't even need them. Its a damn shame he used because just look at the numbers he's putting up now, he obviously is one of the best players ever even without them. It's like cheating on an exam for 5 extra points- sure you could get slightly better score, but if you get caught your gonna get a zero.
  8. i dont believe he only used them from 01-03 when his numbers didnt go up,

    and it seems like the people are handling a-rod totally different from bonds, is it the fact he didnt lie? or do people just like Bonds a lot less?

  9. The fact that he came clean has something to do with it.

    Not only do the people like Barry less, but the media does too.

    If only Ken Griffey Jr could have stayed healthy.

  10. It kills me to say this but I don't even trust him anymore. Unless they leak the other 100+ names on the list, every player has a cloud of doubt over them
  11. I don really care bout it. Those dudes want to stay in their best shape, steroids is the way to do it, so be it. If it's so unfair why are all of them doing it? Seems bout even.

  12. It's unfair because a lot of players didn't use steroids who had lost playing time/salary to players who were cheating. Also, greats like Roger Maris and Hank Aaron (the real homerun king) are having their records taken away by those using an unfair advantage. Some may say that they think steroids should be legal so all the players have an even playing field, but you can't forget that steroids have a lot of dangerous side effects and serve as a bad example to kids who watch these players.
  13. Baseball is a haunted game in which every player is measured against the ghosts of all who have gone before.

    If you're not a baseball fan, you'll never understand. But the records in baseball are more important than any other professional sport. You'd have to look it up to find out which QB holds the record for most consecutive football games with a touchdown, but any baseball fan worth his salt can tell you that Joe DiMaggio holds the record for most consecutive games with a hit (56). No one knows who has the highest single season quarterback rating...but every baseball fan knows that no one has hit over .400 since Ted Williams in 1941.
  14. For everyone who hasn't heard, Selig says that he is considering suspending Arod and also reinstituting Hank Aaron as the official home run king. I bet it will depend on how Bonds' trial turns out, so if he gets convicted he will lose the "home run king" title.
  15. none of that will happen though. and bud selig has the balls to come out and talk shit about arod when it is his on damn fault. he is a shitty commissioner and he wont do anything he stated today.

    and the three years arod hit more home runs, he went to a more humid climate with a smaller left field, so there's the spike in home runs

  16. That could be true about the homeruns, not that it matters
  17. New info out that suggests Arod was warned of an upcoming drug test in 2004, which are supposed to be random, by a guy from the Players Assocciation. If I had to choose, I would bet that Arod is lying about his "pretty accurate" timeframe of 2001-2003. If this is ever verified and it becomes apparent that he was still using as a member of the Yankees, whats left of his reputation and HOF chances are down the shitter. This is sad, and Yankee fans should be pissed.
  18. that information is not new, it was written in the mitchel report.

    it wasnt until just now people have been saying arod is one of the 4 players.

    now im not saying hes wasnt informed but he failed the test in 03 so he could have been tipped off in 04. doesn't mean he was still using them.

    and im not pissed anymore. a-rod took the homerun record away from all of us, not just yankees fans. what happened happened now our priority is to win a ring
  19. Ya its gonna be an awesome season. Sox and Yanks will actually be competitive this year, should be sweet. Sorry Rays but you won't do as well as last year.

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