A rock (must see)

Discussion in 'General' started by GrandaddyPurps, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. When my grandfather passed away 4 years ago everything went to my grandmother and when she passed away in October everything in the house became the property of my father and uncle. My grandfather was a geologist and had many a Geode laying around the house. I thought this one looked cool and my dad let me take it back home. Its just a rock but it has alot of sentimental value. soooo yea take a look. Also think its worth anything? But i highly doubt I would sell it.

  2. Make a pipe out of it :D
  3. No idea but I got a couple layin around. maybe $20 haha. Keep it dogg, sentamental value, youll regret sellin it

  4. word :smoking:

    haha not sure how i would go about doing that :eek:
  5. Not a lot of people realize this... but you can put your weed in there.
  6. Totally sweet stash piece.
  7. That rock has some nice trics :D
  8. haha but there is no cover, the piece of the outside is missing
  9. That is a very pretty rock you are lucky to have it:hello:

  10. thank you:)
  11. Just think, geodes are possibly where life came from...

  12. ...and how do you suppose that???
  13. things like that do have some value, as well as sentimental :) keep it though. its very pretty
  14. Make a plaster bottom for it so it's a stash piece that would be sickkkkk
  15. Geodes are pretty worthless.
    They make good paperweights though!
  16. thats pretty cool man, u should keep it

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