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A rich person. . .

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mcbuddin, May 22, 2010.

  1. I think that's about there is to say on the matter.
  2. Wow you guys are buzzkills.
    Buzzkills who I 100% agree with.

    And I feel like I'd want to spoil my kids too, but I want them to know morals too, you know? I feel like that should be moderated like everything else.
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    lol your fucking awesome dude.

    nah I'm playing, but the part about you being naturally intelligent isn't that impressive and just cause you're smart doesn't mean you're guaranteed to be rich and successful if you don't work for it.

    I'm naturally smart too; in high school I literally could have counted the amount of times I studied for a test on 2 fingers, yet graduated with a 94.6 GPA just by listening to class discussion. Tough thing for me and you: it doesn't mean shit. Look up MENSA. It's known as the High IQ Society. They're all brilliant people, but most of them haven't done much at all in their lives cause they haven't worked hard enough, or realized that in the end money and being "RICH" isn't as important as happiness.

    I know a guy who used to be like you. He thought because he was decently smart that he didn't have to do anything and he would just get ahead in life. You know where he is now? I don't, but probably fiending for some opiate pain medications like every other day of his life.

    edit: LOL just read the part about the music teacher. Dude a fucking moron could look at the title of the class and say what you said. You're lucky she didn't want to make you take a final about the appreciation of music, which you would have almost certainly failed.
  4. so this is what i got from this story

    omg guys check this shit out i dont sleep because thats a sign of genius, da vinci had insomnia look how much he had done lolzzzzz umg i am sooooo smart and clever i got a's even when i sleep in class bcuz of my UBer smarness lolz im gonna be a pharmacist and be rich , richer than all you potheads i tricked a teacher once because im so awesome

    is that accurate??
  5. after reading this again, I think you should learn better grammar and writing skills before worrying about becoming a lawyer (and later on finding a well-paying law profession, which is even harder than getting into law school). You really do sound quite dumb, and everyone who has read this post can obviously tell that you're some 16 year old who's still in high school.

  6. Because having a child at 18 grants you the possibility to share a first joint with your son at the age of 34 which in my opinion is fucking awesome :devious:

  7. No, you missed the spoiled single child part, you see his amazing intelligence will be passed on to his son and through hard training and cash he is going to make sure that his son in even more amazing than him, he's got some serious planning skills. I think his biological father might be Chuck Norris.
  8. Where is clever OP? lol:wave:
  9. I'm showing up to mine high as fuck.

    That's all; I don't really have anything worthwhile to contribute. :)
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    He made so many spelling and grammar mistakes that it's hard for me to believe that he was in 11th grade 3 years ago. He writes and spells like an 8th grader. For real.

    Anyway, I plan on majoring in engineering and making bank when I graduate, but I'm not sure how much I want to spoil my kid. I'll probably TEACH my kid about drugs and alcohol once I feel he's old enough. I'd rather have him experiment with that stuff in the comfort of his own house or when I'm around than to have him sneaking around smoking pot in playgrounds. I think it would be cool if my child was that kid with cool parents or something, I don't know, we'll see how I feel in 10+ years when i decide to have kids.

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