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    SO the im sitting here, it is 4:00 a.m. my friends who are sleepin over just went to bed. For some reason im the type of guy who does not sleep so here i am with my thoughts in the internet.

    I realised this just minutes ago. Just follow me here for a second. A rich person can have children and remain rich. Yet a poor person will have chidren and, the children will prevnt them from becoming rich. It makes me realise how in the future i would much rather get REALLY rich, then ill start a family (like when im 35?.. ish) I will be a rich mother fucker after i finish my education, assuming i graduate I will be garunteed good pay for life. (becoming a pharmacist, in Canada they are payed quite well). Then i will have one single child, and spoil the shit out of this kid. I know this sounds ridiculous, but i actually want some single spoiled brat. I would teach him all kindss of sick shit, he wouldn't let anyone fuck with him, and due to my success in life he will get away with this shit. I might be a horrible father, but i want this kid to have everything i grew up dreaming about. I've been born naturally intelligent (like the type of kid who falls asleep in clas, yet gets 90%'s on tests, and it confuses everyone) With this intelligence im going to extort it as far as i can to be as successful as possible.

    Say, alot of teacher's, and friends, i have had has credited me towards being an amazing arguement maker. They recommend becoming a lawyer. I was wondering if anyone out there was a lawyer or knew of information for advice. What these people mean is that in any situation ***(including when im clearly wrong) i can turn things around for my advantage. I like to pretend i'd be a naturally great lawyer, but i also HAVE to be realisitic. What do you guys think?

    *** i want to mention a story to explain this. One time in a music class i was taking, my teacher was all "tyson you are not going to pass this class if you refuse to not actually play any music, i will fail you" (this was in grade 11 of high school (3 years ago), i was that kid in a class who was in that class cause he wasnt allowed another spare, yes he really did as little as possible to get by) So i argue "excuse me miss morrison?. . . I believe im in this class to learn for appreciation of musical arts, which you said yourself was equally important in this semester. if you fail me you need to prove how i did not succesfully learn an appreciation for these arts from this class" She laughs, but does not reply. I really did fuck all in that class, i was just to clever for ths teacher. :D

    Edit: improtant detail: I DID pass that class, then i took it in grde 12 as a 30 level class, and i continued to pass it doing fuck all. Just having good reasoning anytime it ws needed.
  2. I followed until the end...:confused:
  3. This is my life story :eek: I will be doing pharmacy, I bullshitted my music teacher into passing me, I have the same plan for a kid (except sometimes i consider two), I win arguements when I'm wrong all the time, I was also pushed to be a lawyer ( I said fuckit because that's too much time in school)
    and I also fall asleep in class ALL the time and get great grades. :eek::eek:

    You might be the Canadian version of me. The whole time I was reading your post, my eyes kept growing wider and my heart started racing. That shit was kinda creepy.:smoke:
  4. sounds like ur using GC as a place to vent how awesome you think you are :hello:
  5. Just to let you know, unless you have the cash NOW you are going to have to pay for at least 60,000 dollars of University education and training to become a Pharmacist. To be a lawyer, you are going to need to go through at least 8+ years of post secondary education that will probably cost you anywhere from 100-135k. Once your done paying off all that, maybe you can start talking about how rich you will be.
  6. For some reason this song came to my mind right away :

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRLtLoQ-jUI]YouTube - original rich girl (reggae) lyrics[/ame]

    We used to GET DOWN dancing to this in the 90's in NY, girls used to love this shit.
  7. My thoughts exactly :cool:
  8. Even if you were naturally intelligent, you wouldn't make it anywhere unless you work your ass off. You weren't born with an knowledge of all the laws and legal terms and it's not going to come to you magically.

    You're going to be very disappointed when you're 35 and not "rich".
  9. I'm going to wait until im atleast 30 and in good financial shape to have a child. I don't understand why everyone is having kids at 18 - 25. It's just so hard to get shit together as it is.
  10. Somewhere along the way you just might find out that thingz dont alwayz go as planned!!:(
  11. Perhaps somewhere along your path to riches, you may realize how poor you are. :smoke:
  12. Exactly this.

    I remember reading somewhere that it's a bad thing for parents and teachers to praise kids too much, because they may start to think that they're 'special' or 'gifted' and whatever they do will come naturally to them, so they stop putting in effort.

    Like dudeimoncoke said, your gonna have to work your ass off just like everyone else.

    Going by what your friends and teachers say about you is like those people on American Idol who sing their tuneless little hearts out, get hardcore rejeted, then sob "Bu-bu-but my mom said I'm a gr-gr-greaaat singer"..

    Just to throw in a personal opinion, I never trust the supposed intelligence of someone who sits around gloating about how intelligent he/she presumes they are:rolleyes:
  13. ^this
  14. This. If you think you're going to be rich just because you go to college, you might be subject to a rude awakening
  15. It's really easy to say all that.

    And congratulations on passing through High School.

    But once you've reached advanced programs in the undergraduate program to become a pharmacist, like Organic Chemistry, you really have no idea what you're in for.

    ...and that's just undergraduate classes.

    You don't just pass classes and then you're into medical school. You actually have to get good grades to be accepted. Furthermore, you usually have to be smart to get into post-graduate programs (your idea of what "clever" is, "payed", apostrophe in "teacher's", "Say, alot of teacher's, and friends, i have had has credited me towards being an amazing arguement maker.", etc. all show you're not naturally/actually intelligent).

    Also, the person who mentioned that praising a child too much is bad: good call. It's extremely harmful. Look at the OP as a good example.

    But hey, if you've passed High School music class (by uttering some kind of irrational words to an actual intelligent person), you're pretty much guaranteed to be wealthy.

    Chances are, the reason you passed that class was because the teacher didn't want you in the class again.

    Reality is harsh.
  16. highschool reunion in 10 years dawg u will be surprised where people end up lol
  17. PegLeg just owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwned you so hard
  18. its people like you who are ruining the world, gtfo with that you are awesome and special attitude.
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    If that's your example argument, then you wouldnt make a good lawyer. You just pulled a red herring logical fallacy and changed the subject. You were talking when you shouldnt have. That makes you a disrespectful little shit, not a genius.

    You may be smart, but you are not wise... if you were, you'd be a little more modest.

    Edit to add: Go ahead, shower your kid with all sorts of materialistic goods, but that wont help him any more than if you provided just the necessities, because what really matters are the goods of the soul.
  20. Personally I wouldn't want to spoil my kid. All my friends who are spoiled, who get gas/money/whatever from parents all the time seem a lot less independent, you won't always be there for him. Plus they may get a sense of entitlement/greed for everything.

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