A revolution?

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  1. I was replying to a thread and it dawned on me..........

    If George Washington and Ben Franklyn and all the founding fathers of this country were alive and here right now, do you think we would have another revolution against the gov of USA??? i think we would. I think this country right now is going in complete reverse of what our founding fathers had in mind.

    Look at all the taxes we're paying right now.. we have lost so much freedom that nothing is free in this country. What freedom?? they have cameras in the streets, cameras on traffic lights, cameras in the stores, google earth?? what t he fuck is that?? They can see my house from way the fucck up there?? they can see you everywhere you go.

    Cities and counties have designated protesting areas, what the fuck is that?? designated protesting areas and they have hours posted when you can protest?? and you have to get a permit from the city to protest. this is like telling a prisoner you are free to move within your sell so stop acting like you're in jail...in that case jails are free to. I'm telling you, we would have another revolution, except the only problem nowadays is that, your problem is not my problem and everyone has their own shit to do....so life goes on.
  2. Thomas Jefferson said there should be a revolution every generation.
  3. The reason why there is no revolution is because people are too lazy to get up and DO SOMETHING
  4. For real, I mean it says in our constitution if our government becomes to strong we are SUPPOSED to overthrow them and start over. But that's something the piggies don't want you to know.
  5. You think it would be easier to start a revolution in this day and age seeing as how we have the Internet and so many ways to communicate with people we have never met, like honestly back in the day when they barely even had phones how the fuck did they get a revolution going lol?? Did they just go up and down the streets knocking on every single door asking them to help overthrow the government on a certain day?? In this day we could just set a date, say October 5th and just post information all over the web for everyone to see. Except to many people would see it and go, meh everyone else will participate in the revolution for me, I don't need to help I'm just gonna sit on my lazy ass at home like normal.

    Fuck humans
  6. God we don't need a bloody revolution...
    We just need people to stop being ignorant and vote for REAL change. Vote libertarian if you're tired of the 2 party bs.
  7. Voting does nothing these days. Electoral Colleges. what a load of shit.
  8. Yes and no. During the revolutionary war, it was one young nation fighting against their imperialist keepers. Now, we have a worldwide gloabalist system of finance and government, so quite literally, you are talking about taking on the rest of the world. Or at least those countries loyal to the $$$ and resources they're chasing. It's not as easy to throw out the "G20" as it is just the "redcoats." But as far as the abuses go and the response? Hell yes, they'd have been yelling at us for years, "What the fuck are you waiting for?"

  9. No, we actually need a bloody revolution. You think that shit worked with King James? Nah man. Nah.

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  11. @Nick32
    Best post in thread.
  12. The reason a revolution hasn't started is because the sheeple still believe what the media says and don't want to leave their comfort zone. And the rest of us just look crazy to them. As more and more of the masses awake it will be easier to start one but it may be too late by then. If we the awake group banded together we maybe able to make something happen that would ignite the revolution but we couldn't fight the whole thing by ourselves. We have to be united in order to make things happen and we have to do things we don't want to we have to get out of our comfort zones pick up our modern muskets and stand united to show the rest of the population its ok to fight against what is destroying this country our founding fathers shed blood to create and many died in its making. Thomas Jefferson said : " The tree of Liberty is refreshed by the blood of tyrants and patriots alike."

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