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a revolution in the makings....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. ok fellas..heres the plan...

    were going to advance on the north pole, overrun the elvin barracks, invade the shop, and harness ruldolphs nose, convert the toyshop into a pot farm....

    this is operation XXXMAS....

    porn and pounds in every stocking, christmas trees of yesteryear are obsolete, now, cannabis trees are the tradition family decorative present postup.

    the only acceptable outcome is victory

    let no one stand in our path
    we have special intelligence in the field...the easter bunny and many leprechauns are on the job as we speak.
    we hear the north pole has no defenses.

    dont forget your jacket and bong.
  2. sounds like a plan...

    lets make it happen..
  3. all we have to do is put some roofies in the milk supply and smuggle pot into cookie country
  4. damn man u have this whole thing down to the very last detail huh??
  5. the only thing im concerned about is the unpredictable nature of ms. claus...shes a known seductress

    you havent heard of dicken the reindeer for no reason im going to have my first bowl of the day
    yeah, you heard me not high yet.
  6. just throw them dirty nuts her way...outta shut her up for a
  7. You can take my porn and give it to needy children. But I'm keeping the pound!
  8. *chucks crown royal-bag-full of-rocks like testicals and claus lady*
  9. ok ok...i can run rampant....but not insanely so.
  10. nobody notices in the smoke that chikkybabe has made a getaway with the back full of rock-like
  11. building a bong.
  12. well then lets hammer that mutha!!

    lets get into plume formation alpha.
  13. hey dingus if your dirty nuts dont take care of Mrs C..ill give it a twirl! :D Im a teamplayer!

    me is in plume though!
  14. you is plumed?!

  16. :D
    i am ready for duty operation XXXMAS!
  17. I'm sorry but my allegiance is with the mighty Claus. In fact, i don't see why we must fight to get what we want. I say we ally with Santa to spread pot and toys around the world at least once a week. Saturday Sunday Mondy Tuesday Wednsday Thursday Friday Christmasday THAT'S WHAT IT'LL BE LIKE ALL THE TIME!!!

  18. hmm...that might work...remember what ppl say Violence is Not the answer...heh..uhh sounds like we need to sit down and talk to santa if he doesnt agree umm screw the hole violence isnt the answer thing and kill em!
  19. flames or flagella?
  20. dude let santa get in the rotation he will see things our way ;)

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