A retard broke into my house...

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  1. I was with my girl at her mom's house. His names is Joe, and he said he just wanted to wake me up, but he came in through a window (and left it open), then left through the back door... (yes he actually admitted to it) Here's a list of all the shit he took.

    Bubbler- $50 (not even 2 weeks old)
    4-piece Grinder- $20
    Stash/rolling box- $20
    ALL of our weed including our roaches
    about $2 in pennies
    Gas mask- $50
    MP3 player- $50

    He called us today and told us that our shit was in a duffle bag on his back porch. (he lives on the same street as me) The only thing that was in it was our box, a little bit of weed, my Mp3 player, my gas mask, and a handmade wooden pipe that i've never seen inn my life. He says he is going to pay us back but i guess we'll see.
  2. i must say thats quite the odd situation, did he just call you and tell you he did it? or did you confront him about it, then he admitted it? Sounds like your a really nice person, going quite easy on the guy. I know if i caught someone in my house, well lets just say theres a time when police can be helpful.
  3. Wtf?? sounds like he had planned on keeping that shit but later thought of how bad of an idea it was. Teach the mother fucker a lesson and beat his ass. No matter how good of a "friend" he is. If it was just a joke then all ur shit would still be there unharmed. But whered the rest of your stuff go?
  4. in your other thread you left out alot of the shit u listed here.....
  5. Yeah, this is WAY different from the story you just told in the other thread.
  6. sniff sniiff..... is that fish i smell
  7. Are you really taking this that lightly? Your "FRIEND" broke into YOUR house, and STOLE your shit. Fuck that, woop his ass.
  8. you didnt get your bubb back?
  9. i think ur mistaken this is my only thread, anyway i called and he got scared lucky for him i don't want to sash my new "paperweight" on him, but i just might if i dont get any dough for my bub.
  10. I would beat his ass down just for taking the potent-ass roaches!!

  11. 911: what's the emergency
    you: um.. ya a retard stole all my weed and sh*t
    911: ill send a officer right away

    ya thats real smart b/c to catch a retard you gotta be a retard
  12. Shit. Beat his ass for coming into the house! Then go take his stuff for stealing. Then fuck his place up so he gets the message.
  13. [​IMG]

  14. made my day

    I thought someone who was really retarded broke into your house when I first read

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