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  1. Recently I've been writing a lot of letters to my elected officials (Senators, Representatives, the Mayor, Governor, etc) stating that I support legalization and trying to give them a few ideas to think about.

    While I believe this is an essential thing to do I never really believe that they read more than just the first couple of lines to basically work out the writer's position. Most times I don't get any reply at all, however this one made me lol because it's so obviously a copy and paste job, probably by some low-level staffer. My letter to the Senator was about legalizing the marijuana market, it never mentioned medical marijuana. Here's the reply I received:

    ..great dude, thanks. I guess if you didn't hear what I had to say I'll have to speak louder ;)

    Here's the letter I send him (writing doesn't come naturally to me so I'm still working on the grammar, flow etc):
  2. Wow, what a dick, did he forget he's suppose to be repersenting the peoples view and not his own.
  3. im proud of u bro way to step up
  4. I wrote the Georgia Senator (don't remember which one) when I was still living in Georgia and got literally the exact same reply. Word for Word.

    That sucks.
  5. that was a strong letter

  6. well I was trying to make him see that the only way to get rid of drug dealers is by eliminating the demand for illegal drugs. And the only way to get rid of demand is by legalizing the production and sale of drugs by certified businesses.

    Too many people think "legalization" means everything that's currently illegal will become legal. So all the dealers, drug cartels, grow ops etc will suddenly be legal. That's a pretty scary thought and I think it's what scares the general public away from the word "legalization".

    ..the truth is it doesn't mean that. All it means is we certify reputable companies to produce and sell marijuana at a price lower than the dealers can match.

    But I can't get any of that across if he won't even read my letter! :mad:

    ..as a side note, it seems to me that if we want to support legal marijuana we have to also oppose illegal marijuana, just like today we support legal alcohol but not illegal alcohol. We have no problem with the prohibition on illegal alcohol so we need to start feeling the same way about the prohibition on illegal marijuana. This doesn't change the fact that the government must allow the production and sale of legal marijuana. (did that make sense? ..just thinking out loud)
  7. you should add more to it and include irreputable facts and cite evidance shooting down any sorry ass rebuttles he has given and send one letter a day, every damn day till it is replied to in a personal way. i believe i will do just that myself. mind if i steal some of your points?
  8. You should have also asked him what medicinal quality's Cigarettes and alcohol have that allow them to be legal. :rolleyes:
  9. werd, and how much more damage is caused by alcohol and cigs than weed
  10. when letters like that come back in the mail. . .

    dont you just wanna track that guy down and stick that piece of paper to his forehead with a pushpin?

    then slap him and blow a bong rip in his face as you call him a bitch
  11. Two things you have to keep in mind: 1. Politicians and government officials will ALWAYS resort to the argument that changing our drug laws will amount to "sending the wrong message to our children / the youth of America," you have to be prepared for this argument and frame your wording with that shameless retort in mind. 2. They will always point out that marijuana is schedule I, so you have to present them with evidence to the contrary or at least preface it ahead of time by acknowledging you know where it stands but that you and other medical experts disagree and think it should be reevaluated.

    The most effective arguments are the ones that bring up the DEA's own judge advising rescheduling for marijuana, and Nixon's backfire idea called The American National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse, which also recommended a reevaluation of the herb.

  12. go right ahead man! ..I get my information from Norml's daily audio stash, LEAP, and the Drug Truth Network. I know none of them mind if their words get reused if it might help advance legalization. That's why they put them out there. :)
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    + reps Great Thread I was going to say something funny but I took a vape break & now I forgot but i know it was goood:smoking:

    read the whole thread
  14. thanks, vapoqueen!

    ..here's the scary thing, I received pretty much the same response from both our senators
    and from the representatives too.

    And worse than that, my senators are also your senators.
    GA is a backward freakin' state. Talking to the legislators about legalization is like going
    back in time and talking to Queen Victoria about inter-racial marriage! :mad:

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