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A really wierd bad high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by h0tcheetos, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Alright so ive been smoking for about a year now.. and id say i' smoke about 7 decent blunts a week on a daily basis so i really dont think its anything about being unexperienced or anything but sometimes there is just this bad high that happens and of all my friends they tell me theyve never seen or heard of such a thing but heres how it goes..

    Ill be chill and laughing and then it just comes out of nowhere. really bright red/purple/blue colors start covering like all of my vision extremely similar to a color blindness test minus the numbers/animals.

    LOL yeah.... its pretty crazy.... but yeah i just cant see anything at all and i can barely hear my friends. i feel almost completely stuck and i really feel like just knocking out on the floor.. i turn really pale and i can barely talk and all i see is just a bunch of bright colors.... my friend recorded one of the times it happened and when i looked at it, it really looks bad cause i just look out of mind and almost like im mentally retarded :eek: cause im just leaning on anything i can and staring into space pale as hell. it really feels and sounds like im tripping on lsd or something but i know for a fact that i don't smoke laced weed so i really have no idea why this sometimes happens :confused:

    it rarely happens but when it does it sucks.. i did try to find something similar to what i was experiencing but i cant find anything online about a bad high where all i see is bright colored dots but maybe everyones bad highs are different but like im really surprised NOONE or anyone i know or heard of has had this experience with just pure marijuana? i would appreciate it if anyone who might have some explanations to what this is or what you think about it comment on this thread.

  2. Idk man... I've never had a bad high in my life.
  3. I get bad anxiety sometimes when i smoke, i feel your pain. But your's sounds like a physical problem not a mental. Try being hydrated(drink water) make sure you eat. Because that's sounds like signs of dehydration to me. Or your not getting enough blood to your brain.
  4. Your bud has to be laced
  5. Marijuana is a slight hallucinogen so I'm not that surprised. Everybody reacts different to every drug. Next time embrace the fact that your having a quick "trip"
  6. could be crap bud,speedy sativa,drink some gatorade next time..
  7. Perhaps an issue with your eyes/vision? do you strain when you smoke?
  8. Maybe you just need some water or you coughed your heart out so you got extra high
  9. I've fallen off a bike and had the same effect when I stood up. Didn't hit my head though.
  10. that sounds pretty fun to me :D
  11. [ame=]Gravediggaz - Defective Trip (Trippin) - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Do you get a headache following these bright lights?

    You could be experiencing a migraine, which are known for their signature "aura" that appears approximately 30-45 minutes before the onset of a painful headache.

    I once had a migraine so bad I lost site for 18 hours and ended up in the hospital because I thought I was gonna be perma-blind lol.
  13. It's called you got too high.


    /any thread that is related to "a bad high"
  14. I once had that but without the colors everything just went white everything got extremely bringht and i started to sweat and got really hot, it was like a headrush (standing up to fast and almost passing out) but i was just sitting down when it happened

  15. Because getting too high always makes people see colorful dots?

    Op you either got really high and closed your eyes and thought you saw these dots.

    Your weed is laced.

    Or something else is causing this.

    Weed can't make you hallucinate like that.

    Edit: And op i have had something similar happen. But it was from being really high and getting a headrush.
  16. [quote name='"S0UR"']Your bud has to be laced[/quote]


    Anyway op I'd guess dehydration or something along those lines.

  17. You guys are crazy, it's sounds more like a medical problem than laced weed.

    idk, i'm no doctor but I suggest you take it up with someone of expertise on this sort of thing... don't be stupid.

  18. This. It is definitely this.

    I forgot that freshman year of high school the exact same thing happened to me the first day of football practice. You get light headed and start seeing all kinds of really bright lights.

    Would make sense that you would just think that you were really high. And weed does dehydrate you. Just make sure you drink a bottle of water before you sesh. And keep some nearby.
  19. Just for the record, OP, you can't lace bud with LSD.

    I've had similar experiences to what you described. I'll be sitting on my couch, watching TV, and slowly I'll start seeing some slight geometric shapes in my peripheral vision. Nothing like real psychedelics, though. All I have to do is blink and look around a little and they go away.
  20. the same thing happens with a good friend of mine too.. but worse. he'll actually black out (in public. i got super high with him once and went to subway. he passed out while we were in the middle of the line LOL) and sometimes he shakes a bit too (but hes always been fine and still is fine haha). because weed effects your blood pressure, it drops too much, kinda like when standing up too quickly. it only happens if you have been standing for a while right?

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