A really good night

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  1. ok this story happend about a month ago and i'v been too lazy (and stoned) to type it but here it is.

    Ok, it was a friday night and i didn't have to work so fuckin happy already. Well me and my friend J call up our friend Bong to come pick us up so me, J, Bong, and J's bro all get into the car to go get sum herbage. So we drive and meet up our connection and get like a half ounce of sum fuckin' high-midds and we roll up out on the HIGHway. Ever wonder why it's called that. Anyways we got on the HIGHway and started breakin' down buds and rollin' joints and we just kept driving. Then after about an hour and a half we see this big ass sign on the side of the road that says "WELCOME TO SOUTH CAROLINA" we was like O SHIT we're in S.C. we gotta turn around and go home (we live in GA.) so we kept tokin' on the way back home and got the munchies really bad and kottonmouth too. so i was like damn we got off at this one exit and pulled into this little convenit store to get sum drinks and snacks well i go in to get a 6-pack of sodas and sum candy well i walk around this like 4 asle store for 15 min. looking for sodas and i can't find a 6-pack so finally Bong comes in to help so we get everything situated and go to the front to check out and Bong sees sum starbust and throws them up on the counter to ring them up and i reach down in my cargo pocket to pull out sum change and sure enough i was way too stoned and pulled out a dime sack with the change and i just held my hand there like O SHIT. so i grab the dime and put it in another pocket and pay for the starburst and all the sudden Bong started kickin me say come on we gotta get the fuck outta here. So we all hop back in the car a speed out of that gas station likw a bat outta hell. We get back on the HIGHway and break out the buds again and roll a few more joints before they drop me off and i go in my house and crash out. That was good night.

    PEACE OUT!!!
  2. Sounds phat, but for highway driving I prefer blunts any day.
  3. Sounds like a hott road trip. bUt why travel so far just to get blazed..why not someones house or a park..thats seems like a better atomshpere..or maybe its just me
  4. well we could have gone back to Bong's house or J's bro's house but we just got on the HIGHway and started driving we were going to another city about 20 miles away and missed the exit and said fuck it we'll just keep driving so we did and thats where the stoned adventure took us, well anyways gotta go, c-Yaz

    PEACE OUT!!!
  5. don't you hate when your toooooooo fucking stoned and have weed on you. im always pulling my dime sacks out and getting caught. thats how i got caught last time!!!!!!!!
  6. you shouldnt put weed in your pockets it always falls out or something hehe
  7. aight then...where do u put the weed???

    i always put in in my pockets....

    road trips stoned are the best

    but i am always worried of the drivier...or me fucking up... i dont know man...scares me sometimes
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  9. fuck bitches get money

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