a real man sized bowl

Discussion in 'General' started by TheFxckingHero, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. puff, puff... wait...

    try to fucking pass that! :p

    I'm sure this guy smokes strictly for medical purposes, right? HAHA... what a champ...

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  2. Havn't seen this a million times, since the birth of the internet :p, still a funny pic though.
  3. pshhh, I bet there are many here who haven't seen it. it's worth being re-seen anyways. :p
  4. Hahaha that would be a shit load of weed! That guys the champ

  5. haha that'd hit so harsh.
  6. i'd hit that.
  7. That would taste like nails yo, yuck! I would hit it though don't get me wrong. :D JOE>
  8. that was my first time :confused:
  9. :hello:closest thing i have to that!

  10. It's fake but still cool!

  11. ill stick to my man sized bowl, thank you very much. :D

  12. I'm sober and you are a cruel cruel sadistic person :(

  13. Awesome picture wykid.
  14. man that got me craving for some dank now eh.. gonna go pickup :D
  15. you would need something hella to light it
  16. Is that even real?

  17. hehe, no its not.

    some may wish so :hello:
  18. im sorry rasta....haha, you should expect to see weed on a weed forum :rolleyes:

    if it makes you feel any better, that pipe is resting in pieces right now. :(

    thanks, lebowski.
  19. It does, i hope that killed a little peice of you inside.

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