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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by anarkin, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Last night was different, and I happened to do quite a bit of shit, so I figured I'd give a nice story of what I did.

    My "night" started at around 3, where after 3 hours of looking for an ounce, my friend and I said fuck it, and bought a 26er of vodka. Downed that by 6 and went back for more, got there at around 6:15 to find out they now close at 6 on Saturdays.

    So we're stuck, no booze and just over 2 grams of bud. I also had money sitting in my pocket waiting to be spent in my very stoned, semi-drunk state. I ended up walking to the glass shop and getting a spoon, an arcrylic bong, and a glass cong (think zong with a c instead of a z) I spent just under $50, it came to like 49 or something so I let him keep the buck.

    I now had no booze, a little bud and 3 new pieces. While walking to where we were gonna hang for the night, our connect randomly drives by and pulls over, giving us a 1/4 of the ounce saying he couldn't get anymore (worked out well considering I spent most of the other cash anyways)

    Things were really looking up now, new pieces and a 1/4 of bud. As we were walking through the door talking about who we were going to call, our other buddy calls up saying he has about a 1/4 and a 24 and 18 pack of budwiser. He gets his mom to drive him over and we ended up just blazing bowls and drinking beers for a while.

    Around 12 we decided to go hit up the bar, I'm not "of age" but I work there so I get shit half price, blazed a couple more bowls and munched out with a milkshake and some loaded cheese fries. We paid and headed back to the house, where we argued over getting something to eat over a bowl, only to realize we ate at the bar.

    I have some shitty pics of my new pieces, I'll have a thread up in Rec. usage with milks and stuff sometime tomorrow afternoon. The first two are of my new bongs, we stopped by the skate park to try them out. The third picture is me walking downtown with my basket of bongs.



  2. I love the big blue bong. It's awesome. Hows it hit?
  3. Better than I thought it would, I'm ussually all about the glass, but I must admit it gives a nice toke.
  4. Nicee, what are you going to name the 2?
  5. I'm making the thread in Rec now.

    The cong is Bender, the spoon and plastic have yet to be named.
  6. Cool stuff man, is that you walking down the street?

    I'v walked down that street before.:wave:

  7. hahaha well you had a better day than me, i went with my dad to pick up a check and empty a bucket of used oil he had lieing around, plus im broke. well actually he paid me 40 bucks for some shit ive been workin on for him, but that aint shit when i dont have a job. fuck, well ya looks like you had a fun day!

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