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    Stumbled across this on another forum a while ago and found it lurking on my desktop do thought id share it with those who care.

    Imo it seems fairly accurate but there no true solid proof that all those drugs induce harm to ones body but i think it depends on the potency and toxicity of the substance as well as what extent of use.

    To say heroin is far worse than anything mentioned on that chart seems absurd to me but never having had done it myself i cant state an opinion.
  2. it's definitely a weird chart, when you take out the overdose potential heroin is gonna drop way down in terms of physical harm, lifelong heroin users have effectively zero organ damage, and anabolic steroids are RIDICULOUSLY bad for you

    if you look at cocaine though, well jackson browne put it best
    "I was talking to my doctor down at the hospital
    He said, son, it says here youre twenty-seven,
    But thats impossible
    (Cocaaaine)-- you look like you could be forty-five"
  3. I've seen this numerous times and I'll tell you now its bs man
  4. if you could re-arrange it what would it look like?

    feel free to give coordinates if you don't want to bust out MS paint, lol :wave:
  5. yeah i think some of those spots are true but most are way outa wack.

  6. I would certainly put heroin in a more realistic place as well as adding a dot just for crystal meth instead of just amphetimines.

    I feel the marijuana dot is in decent cordinates for it does cause dependency but the extent of bodily harm for each chemical is not that well known. But to say tobacco is substancialy more addicting than alcohol, cannabis lsd ghb methylphenidate, x, SOLVENTS (meaning huffing?¿) khat alkal nitrates ect.

    I smoke roughly half a pack a day and have been for a few years but i could go for about 7 of those chemicals before id take my next cigarette.:smoking:
  7. Ok. here's what I'd change:
    -Amphetamine and methylphenadate should both be closer to 2,2
    -I'd add another dot for crystal meth around 2.5,2.5; so right around cocaine
    -tobacco should be a little farther right, like 2 on physical harm
    -methadone should be a little to the left, closer to alcohol for physical and a little lower on dependence as well, since for both methadone and buprenophine the REAL potential for dependence comes from maintenance treatment for opiate addicts, in which case the point of taking them is to replace a more harmful drug, so it seems unfair to rate them so high on dependence, especially if one is only considering recreational use
    -I'd put ketamine dependence a little lower, since for most people it's so intense, strange and debilitating (you ain't doing nothin' while you're really feelin it) that they aren't going to use it that often
    -E and solvents should both be moved right, to indicate more physical harm
    -benzos should be shifted but I'm not really sure how much, there's def a large dependency issue, but physical harm really isn't that much of an issue, besides the possible side-effects to large doses
  8. i'd definitely disagree with you on the meth
    I'd put meth way past cocaine, to where heroin is now. I've never seen anyone use meth recreationally on a regular basis and come out okay.

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