a rap i gues u can call it.... about my smoke group and where we smoke

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by blaze dat haze, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. jsut mad baked rite now and this came out be honest if it sucks it sucks lmao

    be where we resign
    fuck your rules we just dont comply.
    everyday we smoke that mary jane
    its always on our mind
    *****h please we gonna smoke
    till the end of time.
    now my rhymes are nasty
    the bowl is damn ashy
    repack that shit and light it quick
    adding uniqueness is just
    a little trick.
    come test me
    my rhymes and inhales are beastly
    to join my group,
    cant be done easily.
    wer a small crew
    toping out at a gang
    and minimum is a few
    campfires and beers after curfew
    but am i threw? hell no.
    now those who dont know
    the smoke we inhale
    lifts me and i know i can prevail.
    float to a new dimension
    doesnt matter how much i spend
    cuz you know what?
    look how much i smoked at the end.
    it was worth it
    take a hit and ull adore it
    begging me for more of it
    so take this weed
    so you can see
    the power it bless when it inside me
    my lungs push it threw my veins
    this is my lady marry jane,
    soon enough ull be screamin her name.
    to the woods we go
    take rocks and through them at trees
    theres no where to be seen
    go and post it on grass city.
    tell our stories
    and we all agree upon
    the weird shit that we have go on.
    we all have our adventures
    and 5 0 run in or 2
    this rap just aint threw.
    at the end we burn out
    and the sober life is near
    sometimes so high
    u dont know how u got here.
    ganja in the bong
    while i write this song
    maybe go watch cheech and chong
    now i think this rap is pretty long
    just go smoke a jay while im gone.
  2. Nice. Get a beat and maybe it could go somewhere. Haha.
  3. lol yea i can just write all day if you havent done it before try it its pretty fun.
  4. Chilling with my friends
    picking out the seeds n stems.
    Trying to get high
    so i can reach the sky.
    Straight up piff.
    Make a n*gga wanna jizz
    on my shit.
    Pack the bowl.
    Spark the lighter.
    Pull in the nectar
    that you so desire.
    Mad thick milk
    entering yo lungs
    n yo done.
    Push out the smoke
    that you no longer desire.
    Cuz all tht THC
    just made you higher.
    Toking with your friends
    is amazing
    so stop gazing
    n start blazing.
  5. word there was a rap thread i saw somewhere else but since im readin this ill drop a freestyle:cool: he hem....

    yo its ya boy chrispy im in my prime
    ima kill this shit one line at a time
    my flows so dirty some call it grime
    it will leave ya speechless like a f*ckin mime
    its like im al capone n rap is my crime
    but now im gonna switch it up from this rhyme
    cause its easy like that it dont phase me
    all i gotta do is get with my boys and blaze b
    cause i got the shit that will straight up amaze see
    cause it will put your mind in a straight up maze see
    sometimes the things you think just make you go crazy
    my mind swirling with thoughts feelin so hazy
    figured out that were gonna die so why try thats why im lazy
    struggle to do good and stay on the right path
    stray from lust,gluttony,greed,envy,pride,sloth, and wrath
    so smoke weed everyday you know that i stay high
    cause anyday you can get hit by a stray from a drive by
    yea you never know when its gonna be your time to die
    so we look in hope up to the sky
    hoping someone will reply
    after time you start to wonder why
    but god no you can not deny
    because of his "wrath" for those who defy
    so we have a hypocritical judgemental god
    but its crazy when people think its a facade
    i dont know about you but i think it seems kind of odd
    but im not one to tell ya how to think
    remember im just freestlyin so ill leave with a ;)
  6. if you show that to ur crew they might just kick you out for makin em look bad
  7. :smoking:
  8. well for a freestyle its real good. for written though its very simple. all the rhymes are on the last word and its like.

    dun dun dun dee
    dun dun dun pee
    dun dun dun lee
    dun dun dun see
    dun dun dun mat
    dun dun dun cat
    dun dun dun sat

    maybe try adding more complex rhyme scheme like

    dun tree dun fat
    dun kee dun tat
    pop dun dun doo
    pop dun dun too
    dun pop dun lep
    kep mep pep step
    rep pep dun chep

    mc dundun represent:p
  9. do we have the next eminem on our hands haha? Nice rap bro
  10. props to crispy
  11. thanks :p
  12. i was just workin on this today, might as well drop it. i wrote it to the NY state of mind instrumental-nas

    my position is the baddest coop grabbin hoops stabbin folks till they gimme cabbage nope? You bout to feel me ravage throats and every bone in your body
    you better know karate too bad I know the shotty. Gonna kill everybody
    cuz im getting tons of hubbies none the uggies I only stay with fly chicks and never tubbys only takin lye hits fuck the crack put ya hands up in the sky bitch. Get ready to die and watch your mama cry im hittin up the funeral with all my fuckin guys.
    We Bout to whip our gats out and lay some cats out I gotta fuckin knife for all you bitches who try to back out.
    Cuz even when I spit I keep it long like my dick puffin on the pipes yo cuz I don't give a shit. What could a nit wit spit when his skull is getting split nothing intelligent like a fuckin bitch
    Now watch me pick the mic up im about to light and pick my sights up on my rifle with the lights up. Cuz every time I spray the night up *****s start to cry what why you gotta do that shit im about to die
    My man was bleedin profusely bitch what could you see im tryin to help my boy out and you just getting groovy
    Now shes on my dick and theres blood all around cops is comin yo I just heard the sound of the sirens o wait that's just uncle elmiren
    Yo my phones on ready to call ready to brawl if you wanna step to this you better be feelin tall
    I climb walls like spider man yo im a rap writer man only spittin bug tracks pass the fuckin lighter man
    My pencil keeps on movin but my mind is racin time to start displacin or ima probably end up chasin. My thoughts my words what I heard yo pass the herb I need to get out of this
    Change the channel change the clip straight to h-e double sticks
    That's where the devil lives hes revelinin all the thoughts of the past and my mind is shovelin.
    Digging a hole getting deeper and deeper eventually I get to the mouth of your speakers
    Wherever you are however I got there ima stay thereand if you run away ima mothafuckin play there
    Yo back ya ass off bitch im ready to preach get ready to sleep now do me a favor loosen ya teeth. Cuz around here we like it just like the middle east. Islam and isreal, No peace no peace

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