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    There are people who go to church and have some suit tell them every Sunday that they should be good their neighbor and all that shit. Okay. There's those people.

    Then there's people who are repeat felony ex-convicts who now lives a peaceful life with their family and have a side job as a grower.

    So given that, you'd think that a couple of girls from group one would be friendlier and more open to conversation, right?


    Guess who offers me transportation and a free bowl session? Ex-Socially frowned up person.

    So what is my point today?

    My point is...Something's full of shit when these followers of "God" fucking stiff me just because I'm a little different with my unusual manner of speech and my major in entheobotany. Yeah, that's right. A person who used to do bad things to obtain money for a hard drug is lightyears friendlier to me than people who are literally told to love thy neighbor.

    I mean, I'm not very good at socializing but when I do, I do try. Honest.

    It's not like I didn't put myself out there. It's not like I kept the barriers I use to keep people away up. Come to think of it, maybe I never stood a chance with whatever set up they had in their interaction protocol.

    Fuck them. Be afraid to talk about things. Be afraid to think for yourself and talk freely about any subject.

    I'll stick with my evil and dangerous mary joanna.

  2. Maybe im high. Tut that was fucking epic.
  3. Which is why some people like to remain locked up. Once you get that word on your record you are looked down upon by society, making it harder to be successful in life. Which is funny because prisons are all about helping inmates become successful after they get released.

    It's a fucked up system brother.
  4. The problem with religion is that it's become a dead dogma. People go to church and sit there but they don't want to be there and they have no idea why they are actually there. If religious people actually practiced what they preach, I wouldn't hate them as much.
  5. That was very well written, and I agree 100%
  6. I really wish more Grasscity people live in King County, WA.
  7. I agree, I think most religious people are very selective. "I can't hang out with a sinner," is probably their thoughts. It's fucked up...
  8. just don't be thinking all people who believe in god are fuckin up tight assholes, who hate on everyone who aren't like them or don't believe in god. cause i do believe, and i got plenty of friends who don't and im fine with that and their fine with me. i could care less.
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    There are quite a few who do. :wave:

    It's engrained in their religious doctrine (at least in the Abrahamic religions). Bad company (sinful or nonreligious types) will inevitably spoil the righteous, they say, and thus, they are told to not be amongst each other.

    Christians, Jews, and Muslims have all gone to extremes and have even killed others for being sinners or "outsiders". Hell, their own holy books even describe these events.
  10. My Mom used to take me and my sister to church every sunday when i was a kid. I hated sitting there listening to the sermon. I usually just playerd tik tak toe with my sister the entire time or hangman. Almost everyone at the churches ive went to are so up tight. Id rather get high and go to Hell than go to a church and do well :smoke:
  11. I know exactly what you mean man.I live in bible belt USA.Religious folks are some of the most hypocritical and judgmental people youll ever meet.My sister,for example went from an actually decent person who liked to go out and have fun to this Jesus freak who ridicules me now for the same shit she used to do.

    I look at it this way though if people tell me im going to hell...I like to drink,apparently thats a sin,I like to smoke...sin,I like metal and rap...devil music and sinful lyrics apparently...another sin..I like premarital sex,well....another sin.

    Ive heard all those called sins so looks like they wont be in heaven.Well heaven seems like a shithole then,who the hell would want to go there?:confused:
  12. Anyone here live in Kent, Renton, Covington, or Auburn?
  13. The world is full of fakers and hypocrits.
    Nice post, +rep ^^
  14. Why is the sky blue? Because God made it that way.

    Religion teaches you not to question things around you. When you're young and you're taught this process of thought you stop thinking. Brainwash may now commence.

    Wonder why our generation is a lot smarter than those before us? We weren't all brainwashed by our parents. Some still are, and I feel truly sorry for those people.

    We should be teaching our children about science, peace, and compassion for fellow man. I do not want to be told what to think, what to hear, and what to see by machine men with machine minds.

    People aren't assholes, they're just raised that way. ;)
  15. Yeah, I think the reason life sucks in the world is because of all the crap our parents did. It's all their fault. The adults ruin everything. As an adult, I'm sorry.
  16. Renton here......:cool:
  17. They only see it as they should be good to there religious neighbors, and most only if there the same as them as in "Baptist, Catholic, Snake Handlers, etc, etc, etc, and soforth" Haahaha, religious gangs,,, only true to there own click!
  18. I wish there was a way for GC people to gather IRL!
  19. perhaps we need to organize monthly meetings around the world! like everyone gathering in their respective areas, be it someone's house or bar. that's not a bad idea!
  20. Yeah but GC has privacy protection rules. We have to start a subreddit on /trees or something.

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