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    I've come to the conclusion that  most people are selfish, ignorant, misled robots programmed by a sophisticated plot conceived by the government and various multi-billion dollar corporations. We are raised in a society where the majority is the minority, and are forced into subm<span>ission by a totalitarian group of leaders who look out only for themselves. They delude the population into a sense of well-being; which is nothing more than a deceptive, elaborate plan to keep the weak and misinformed in their "rightful place", which happens to be either working in a job that requires you to pretend you enjoy it for the rest of your life, or succumbing to the ultimate reality that there is no greater purpose for them, forcing them to abandon their hopes and dreams and replacing them with plans that are more achievable by a common peasant, usually amounting to nothing. As for the people who interpret reality best, they usually see how it really is, and fall into depression, anxiety, apathy, and other mental illnesses.
    <span>And that's just the beginning.</span></span>
    <span>So, as a person with great potential, who has been dealt a shit hand with no resources to progress myself, where am I to seek happiness and purpose? Is it even possible? Are we stuck in this cycle of tyranny?
    Sorry if I killed anyone's buzz. Just trying to get the truth out there, no matter how harsh it is. 

  2. all i got from that was that highlighting everything you type makes you appear smarter
  3. well all i have to say is, youre not alone with those thoughts as i have thought hard about everything you just said. i dont know the solution yet, all i know is i plan on moving to somewhere remote, living and providing for myself in a place with a humane climate year round. i cant wait 
  4. Don't let your circumstance be the excuse that controls your destiny. Get off your ass and make life happen.
  5. I honestly don't know why it did that
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    I feel you on this subject, but I believe those that don't do anything about it contribute to this idea. Many live on excuses. Few do what it takes.
    I'll share with you my family story, just to give you an idea where I'm coming from with my response.
    My father came from a communist country. This communist country was in a civil war, North vs South. This war was known as the Vietnam War.
    This war left my father two options, Escape or Die. He chose Escape. When he came to America, all he had was the clothes he wore, a pocket full of nothing, and spoke no english. But that didn't stop him, no matter how shitty a job was, he worked it with no excuse. He taught himself English and speaks it fluently than most high school students.
    And now, he has a house, three cars and a family. He said it wasn't easy and nothing is. He proved to me you can beat whatever obstacle you face if you believe. He always lecture my brothers and I, "Fear no one, make them fear you. Never make an excuse and never act like a crybaby, there is always a way."
    Ask yourself. What's stopping you from following your dreams? If you can answer that, then try to work out a solution.
    I recommend watching "The Secret" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVdChvTyGZI
    For multi-billion corporation ordeal, thats out of my league to battle. I'm just thankful to be raised in the United States. I know being born here is my jump shot to do better then what my old man could accomplish. I too work a shitty job, but on my free time I work on my dreams.
  7. these thoughts go through my head everyday, that's why they say ignorance is bliss.
  8. i hear you on that one, we live in an amazingly beautiful, fucked up world. you have to try and take the 'the worlds your oyster' approach i think.
  9. Lets stand and fight and start a muthafucken revolution of Love, and care for our brothers and sisters. Lets do this shit me and you will lead this shit. well change the world man. Fuck yea :metal:  Serious tho, lets change this shit.
    I'd e happy to. How? Spread the truth?
    Well we first gotta make ourselves the best we can be. and try not to be depressed. Meditation helps. once we get ourselves on track people will start to follow. We need to lead by example. Even in times of negative we need to cut our attachment on worldly thing thus cutting out our own suffering which make us track positive energy. We need to show people what love is. their are good people out their who will help us and their are alot of people just waiting to be enlightened and we must aid on enlightening them. Through outrageous act of kindness that will light a fire of positive Vibes in their heart, and they will help dig us out of this shit hole society buried themselves in.
    We need to be the light in this dark world in order to attract more and more light and eventually the majority will be Loving, smart people. We also need to teach our kids the same B/c it might take wuite a few year but who know it may happen tommorow
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    I think it's possible you can find happiness by surrounding yourself with those who can see the obvious like you can. We live in a brain dead society.. it's hard finding people who are really alive
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    A note, Rousseau once charged Aristotle with a philosophical crime of great magnitiude, which was, Aristotle mistaking the effect for the cause; and Rousseau was referencing Aristotle's fallacious claim of some men being born slaves, while others are born kings.
    Meaning, people aren't intrinsically the way they appear to you... and if you think that they are, then you'd also be comitting a great philosophical fallacy, which is, mistaking the effect for the cause. Humans are misundestood... if they are anything.
    And, your whole thing about the government - ever heard of agent Smith...? The veil of maya maybe hard to see through, but the Divine is alive and real, no matter what darkness you think you've endured. Have trust in the Infinite Power that establised you and I... or, you if cannot, then, as Kierkegaard wrote, you will experience the sickness unto death (hopeless despair).
    "For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to Infinity, all in relation to nothing, a central point between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either. The ends of things and their beginnings are impregnably concealed from him in an impenetrable secret. He is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness out of which he was drawn and the Infinite in which he is engulfed." - Blaise pascal
  14. I agree with what you say about people, I believe they can change also. As for the government, are you suggesting I give in? Because that is the last thing I will do.
  15. Find the light within and prepare to shine, for it's almost time.
    We will break the cycle of negativity and tyranny.
    Do you believe in a Divine providence?
  17. I'm not sure what that is
  18. I like "the majority is the minority". Its like you feel alone in the world but really you're not alone.
    lol... I'm pretty sure I didn't ask you the question. :hide:
  20. Do only good people know how much society sucks? Or does everyone know? I feel the bad people blame life itself while good people blame society. What is good and bad though? I have a decent idea but it could be subjective. I don't believe it is though in my mind. But some people believe harmless drug users are bad people. But 'bad' people hate life. Good people hate the 'bad' people in life. My thoughts. Your thoughts?

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