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  1. Ok, i have 4 female white rhino plants, i have vegged them for 2 weeks under 4-34 watt flouro tubes (4')(2 cool white, 2 warm white)(plantsare about 1 foot tall) and 4-25 watt cfl's at 20/4, i am starting the 12/12 flowering phase today, and i was curious about something, i know incandescent bulbs produce copius amounts of heat, but i also noticed they produce light mostly in the red spectrum, which is ESSENTIAL for the flowering phase, and flourescents don't produce much in the red wavelength, IF i can keep the grow box cool enough with fans, would adding a few (i have 3 extra light sockets) 75 watt incandescent bulbs help fowering production/help increase overall yeild....of course i will ONLY attempt this if i can keep the bulbs/grow box cool
  2. More light the better. You know that
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    lol, of course i know that, im just looking for advice from people who have done it, like distance from plant, soft-white-hard-white etc. BTW, just got back from kmart, baught 3 more 23 watt cfl's and fixtures, plus a basic Timer so i dnt have to keep setting an alarm to switch the lights over :D, and baught 3 75 watt incandescents for a lil red-wavelength supplementation
  4. You shouldnt use incandesent bulbs. From my understanding the use alot of electicity and produce very little lumes fo wattage. My suggestion is that u buy some CFLs in the 2700k wave lenght and the produce the same amout if not more lumes per watt and are in the red. When i was startin i made this mistake also
    2700k red for flower
    5500k - 6500k blue for veg

    Hope this helped.
  5. stick with the cfl's... the general rule for using cfl's is 4-5" away from the tops of the plants. put your hand on the top, then put the lights as close as possible to the back of your hand, but not so close that you cannot stand the heat off of the lamp.
  6. thnx all, ill just run back to kmart and get some 2700k cfl's then, should have a total of about 13,000 lumens for the plants, this good for flowering them?
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    I'm using a variety of cfl's and 2 Led's
    300w x 2, 250 x 2 ,200 x 1, and 100 x 3 the LEDs are 90w ufo's with 2w per led. Gonna start 3rd week of flower girls are lookin great. Hydro setup - among all 4 they drink approx 1 gallon a day.

    Distance for me approx. 2-8 in. away.
    Not touching but as close as possible. The plants are responding with more demand of water and growing larger ever day. Like veg and new flower spots.Temps. are 77-87 or so
    They seem happy.
  8. it all depends on the box, your grow method, and how close they are.. cfls suck because you have to move them a few times a week. but with small plants id say that would be enough. for my large single plant im using 21k lumens a 150watt hps and 125watt cfl and that is still not very much in my opinion.
  9. Very true, it does depend on the grow method etc however I feel cfl's are working fantastic in conjunction with other types of light, giving me a wide spectrum. The plants seem to really love it and show it by the large bud sites all over. 3rd week of flower in 2 days. Perhaps tending to growing plants may suck to some where light adjustments etc. have to be made, I strongly feel that you will get what you put in it and I enjoy it actually.
    I have a mh/hps. 400w I will try next.

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