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  1. I Recently tried Acid(Lsd) for the first time i took 1 hit(it was dropped on a sugar cube)and i was just wondering how long will is it stay in my system for.i know thgey dont test for it..only in spinal taps im just curious as to how long this drug will be in my system..
  2. how was it? i've never done it. would you recomend it?
  3. It was Alright...i Hallucinated for a little bit but then i just felt like i was on ecstacy...i woulda just rather bought some shrooms...
  4. It was Alright...i Hallucinated for a little bit but then i just felt like i was on ecstacy...i woulda just rather bought some shrooms...
  5. Wait, they dont test for acid? YOURE KIDDING.
  6. is it just me or are the boards actin funky? with double posts and slow loading a lot?
  7. acid is out of your system in a day or less i believe
  8. 1-3 days, im pretty sure.

    and no its almost never tested for, even though it is possible to test for.. just like shrooms
  9. Actually, I beleive it is out of your system even before the trip is done.

    That is why they think that the acid isnt actually what makes you trip, but it triggers something in your brain that causes you to trip.
  10. cool thinking, but its wrong. not bringing you down, im just telling what i know. the drug is definitely a cause-effect reaction.

    yes, it is out of your system in a handful of days. promise.

    if that thinking was correct, then what would be the "trigger" to comedown? nope, its definitely a drug that lessens as it leaves your active system, but not so fast as that.
  11. kay, time to pick up some acid then ^-^

    I havent done it in so long so I might as well, as long as its out before random drug tests, and I dont expect any anytime soon..
  12. I've been considering an LSD Trip for a little while now. Even more so that I watched this film on The Documentary Channel About the guy who discovered it on accident. It's called Hoffman's Potion http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0439611/ (IMDB.com). There's not much about it on IMDB but from what I remember (I did bong rips all day and ended up passing out right after it was over to some Doc on Anarchy,) they talked about how there were clinics set up, the most prominent one was in like Winipeg or somewhere in Canada, (again I was baked) but they were set up for people to be administered LSD for therapudic self enlightenment. It sounded really cool. They talked with the first few guys to really research it and push for it to be used medically. How they believed it helped doctors sympathyse with skitsophrenic paitents. Cool stuff. Check it out if you get a chance. I know the documentary channel isn't that popular, I've never had it before we got this satelite provider, but it's awesome for anyone who's a fan of LSD.

    One of the guys who did the original research pointed out that once it was made ilegal it's the only substance like it that is easier for the general public to get than it is for scientists.
  13. that last sentence is pretty funny. isnt it really safe too? like really easily dilluted in water and what not. can you OD? how much does it take?
  14. No, they don't drug test for acid. And, yes, it's out of your system quicker than shit, literally. A hit of acid usually contains less than 500 micrograms (millionth of a gram) of LSD. Once ingested, it does it's business before you even feel the effects of it coming on. Usually, in less than 20 minutes, it's hit that part of your brain (can't remember which part right at the moment) that brings on the trip, and has been metabolized through the liver before that first 'acid swallow' is even noticed. So, it is conceivable that all traces of the LSD itself are gone before you come down.

    Two excellent books on Acid and the culture it created:

    "Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream" by Jay Stevens

    "Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: the CIA, The Sixties, and Beyond" by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain

    I picked them both up through Amazon.com. They're both well worth a read if you're interested in the history of acid... lots of stories about Leary, Owsley, Hoffman, Hofmann, and others.
  15. You can't OD on acid. But it can fuck your mind up juuust a little... avoid if you've a history of mental illness- in other words.

  16. But you can OD on bad acid (laced with something else)... as witnessed during Woodstock...!:D
  17. very interesting. i'm to lazy to search/ go to erowid, and you all seem to know a lot. how many (tabs right?) would you recommend? 10 to 15 is a good price no? what are the effects? crazy colors? hallucinate on just one tab?
  18. UCF u crazy fool if u wont smoke 20x salvia ur not gonna want to do acid....

  19. My last acid trip was in 1990. I'm not sure what it's like nowadays. I'm pretty sure that it's not the LSD-25 from the 60's and 70's. But no matter what they're putting in it now, one tab should be enough for a first timer... actually, if you're at all unsure about how much you'll enjoy it, half a tab would be better to experiment with. If, as UF-TokeR mentioned, you are hesitant about smoking salvia, acid might not be your cup of tea, either. Expanding your consciousness is an intense endeavor. Make sure you want to do it.

    Fifteen years ago, $5 was the going price for a hit (tab, capsule, sugar cube, stamp, pill, drop, etc.), so 10-15 sounds like a jacked up price to me. If it's got any LSD-25 in it, it should at least bring about changing colors if not full fledged hallucinations (seeing things that aren't really there). Besides the visuals, be prepared for thoughts you've never thought before. They can be Life-changing.
  20. I've heard these rumors that there was some group of hippies that follow some hippie jam band in the 60s/70s that supposedly buried a bunch of acid all along their journey and then made "Treasure Maps" to the locations.

    Now, I hardly believe this as it is.

    The part I want to believe is that some people found some recently. And it's possible it was made by Timothy Leary. A guy who I respect not to bullshit about something like this says he has a connection to someone who was there when they dug it up.

    I don't really believe any of it, but I really want to. If I were gonna do some LSD I'd prefer it was some crazy 60s hippie Tim Leary manufactured pureness. I'd kind of like it better if it hadn't spent the last 40 years in a hole in the ground though.

    Has anyone even heard of such "Treasure Maps"? Is this rumor popular? I kind of wish I could remember the name of the group. I was under the influence of a few different chemicals that night so details were quickly forgottten.

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