A quick look at Occultism

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twcl8k2D7RY]Jordan Maxwell-The Human Alien Agenda1/6 - YouTube[/ame]

    This is a very quick presentation by Jordan Maxwell on Occultism and how the world works. He touches on many subjects so it's just a glimpse at the Occult practices, symbolism, religion, astrology, corporatism, USA and many other topics. Just look at it, it's very interesting. It's the type of thing that you watch and go like "ooh I see... so that's why it's...."
  2. LOL Jordan Maxwell. With all his false prophecies over the years.

    He's just like that big-headed huckster David Wilcock.

    Yeah, sorry, but you're a fool if you trust anything this idiot says.

  3. You're going to look like a fool when all of the people start being right and going "I told you so". But you must be god and know 100% information about anything right?

  4. Mmmk. They haven't been right yet, so I guess I'll just have to take your word on it :rolleyes:
  5. didn't expect anything else from you. I see this pattern here on this forum and everywhere else - there are people who are refusing to even open their mind a little bit, they are rock solid. The topic doesn't matter. They troll everything because it contradicts their worldview. If I was on your place, I would at least try not to look stupid calling Jordan Maxwell an idiot. The guy is trying to save your ass. You are a disgrace to humanity, cookie, but you will understand it when it's too late.

  6. Ya know, that's not too nice or very helpful, plus a little preachy. I am an open minded person, with Christian beliefs, and man his whole "question religion" yadda yadda then saying MY GOD is my athority...Just doesn't sit well with me. He seems to be one of those "I really know whom or what "God" is people" and I think if it there is a God, and I hope there is, I doubt we can fathom whom or what due to the mental constraints of logic and and what we know of this world. IMO.

    They guy isn't an idiot, so I disagree with cookie on that too, but I think he has frazzled himself out with this information. Too much, too long. The desire to be innovative is real. Imaginations are real.

    And calling someone a disgrace to humanity is one hell of a hefty judgement, don't hold your self above people because of beliefs... It does not help.
  7. I don't hold myself above him. I am just saying that calling a guy like Jordan Maxwell an idiot is incredibly disrespectful. It's like swearing at your own mother who is taking care of you... But whatever, I understand how a religious person views his work so it's all fine. And may I ask you why you decided to be Christian. What proofs, evidence or facts convinced you that Christianity is the truth? Did you accept it at an early age as a given or did you question it and if you did - what convinced you the truth is in Christianity. I am not trying to be arrogant, I am asking a very existencial and simple question.
  8. I chose to keep with them.
    I grew up with Christian beliefs that were not forced and through out my adolescence I attended 7 different Church denominations, and having family with other beliefs and religions completely, I was subjected to many ideas. I have studied some quite alternative belief systems as well. I was given many opportunities to see world views through travel and the likes, I have always had an interest in history and it seemingly keeps my mind occupied trying to answer the many questions I have encountered already. It was just the choice for me, no proofs, I doubt that man has not corrupted the Bible so of course I leave my own ideas open to personal interpretation and need in my life. I dont really blindly believe, I believe because I want to. I'm not a hardcore "bible belter" or anything and I don't mind em unless they are like those Westboro Baptists. I just share in the Cristian Belief system and agree with its moral grounds and ways of living life.

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