A quick little beat (boom bap, j dilla depression)

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    Hey GC, its gravy, and I want you to check out this in depth video of my soul.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdwTWJT2KiM]JAZZY SHIT - YouTube[/ame]

    I was pissed off when I made this beat, I didnt even save it.

    I hope this music take you somewhere.
  2. Real tight and nice maschine i love mine
  3. I was using the AKAI MPC 1000, chopped a sample, love electric keyboards
  4. this is smooth as hell. i had to hit the replay button a few times..its too bad you didnt save this

    ill keep an eye open for more beats from you. youve got some talent
  5. What'd you use to make this beat?

    I desperately want to get into producing house/trance but I have no idea where to start, right now I'm just an acoustic musician hah.
  6. He has a sampler you should get a keyboard and Logic or Fruity Loops. Massive and Nexus as vsts and some free drum kits. Then you'll be making songs for dayZ

  7. what DAW do you use bro? Logic cause your Mac or you work in somethin else on your PC

  8. currently I use garage band because the screen on my other mac is broke so i cant run pro tools until I get this cable to hook up to my tv.

    but I like pro tools.
  9. I have a casio full keyboard that works as a MIDI controller, its more of a performing keyboard than anything though. I tried to get into Reaper or Cubase but I'm really shit about learning how to use DAWs on my own haha, I'll have to find a friend that produces and ask him to teach me

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