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A Quick HIgh!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. HIgh All!!! :) This is Rocdog here. Unoit is still up in Houston
    and just wanted me to send you all a HIgh for him! He wanted to let you know he's still alive and kicking. I had to send a emergency care package though. They ran out on Sunday, RACE DAY, and had to wait til Tuesday night. They were only to go out for 3 weeks and get one week off but ended up having to stay another 6 weeks. They will be coming back on the 28th for the weekend so Unoit will be trying to do alot of catching up. He'll have alot to tell everyone about. Well I'm gonna go now. Everyone enjoy the rest of the summer.

    Bye for now and have a good one (or two)

    Rocdog *|*
  2. Kick ass!!! Thanks for the update! Tell him that we want stories and pictures!!!

    You have a great rest of the summer, too, and thanks for sharing Unoit with us!!! :D
  3. Thanks Rocdog, I hope you and the waterbug and the dogs and the girls are doing OK. Tell U-know-who we said hello and not to get hurt while working. If you need anything while he's gone, let us know and we'l help out the best we can.
  4. HIgh All, Rocdog here again.
    Thanks Big Poppa Puff, everyone and things are going good here. Unoit's Left Hand Man is here giving me a hand.

    Hi Critter, Yes Unoit will have lots of good pics for you all! :)
    Well as many pictures as his digital will hold (well maybe not all of them LOL)

    Hi Reform Mary Jane Laws, I'll let Unoit know he has alot of typing to do. The pictures are the easy part. :)

    Well only 8 more sleeps and they're back for 3 days :( then go back for probably 2 weeks, maybe 3. Well the next reply will probably be Unoit, so thanks again everyone, until next time.

    Bye for now and have a good one (or two)

    Rocdog :)
  5. Rocdog, you ROCK for giving us updates on Unoit! Tell him we miss him!!!

    Take care!!!
  6. HIGH All, well made it back in one piece.........seems Rocdog's being doing ok while I've been out slaving. BPP thanks for giving Rocdog the courage to come back and reply...RFMJL YOU are the best the City HIGHa!!!!! mmmmm..missing you...hope everything is ok? Critters Rogdog loved the HaPPy Face *LOL* you Rock my friend!!!!!

    I have lots to read and no time !!!!! Rocdog needs me and OOOHHHH yes I NEED I have to go and do what we All love to do so much. I've missed All you crazy Blades and Bladies and we'll see you in the morning with pics and some of the best scenery I've seen.....aaaahhhhh it's good to cut the grass even for a few days.
  7. You go and get your groove on, baby!!!! You deserve the sex!!! LOL! :D

    I absolutely can't wait to wake up in the morning; I love the pictorials from your adventures. You have been missed, mister man!!!! And needed, that's for sure! :)
  8. HIGH All, here we are on the Morice and Buckley River catching 35 pound Springs on 8 and 10 pound test useing trout rods. The looks we get when landing these monsters the hand tailing them to release them back to the rivers.

    The scenery is some of the best I've seen. Have to enjoy the pics and I'll be back soon my friends.

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  9. HIGH All, spring from Buckley River.

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  10. HIGH All, here we are at the Pinnacals in Quennel. We walk out to one and we were over two hundred feet up.

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  11. HIGH All, looking down from the one we walked out on. Pretty HIGH up eh!

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  12. looks like u had a blast those r some awesome pics!!!! good to see u back:D!!
  13. HIGH All, me taking pics of buddies out on the pinnacle.

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  14. hoooaaa
    nice catch

    beautifull sight seeing..

    feels good, thx.
  15. Thanks for sharing, Unoit!!! I can always count on your adventures to make me smile. :D

    Those are some mean looking fish!!!

  16. I agree with Critter!!!

    More more more!
  17. Nice..also seems you've mastered the art of camoflauge very ;)

    nice fishing m8
  18. HIGH All, just got back from some mmmmmm bonding (fishing) with Tucker. The first time with me and he's Already a Pro. Bear with me my friends I'm seeing double and can't wait for the tokilla (tequila) tonight....Rocdog isn't too happy about the going's on tonight...but...she loves me and can put up with happy drunk I am *LOL*.

    I've missed All of you and can't wait to be back for good (till next time). HIGHa's been on my mind and was wondering if she's been around? I consider her one of the best this wonderfull City has to offer.

    I've been trying to get Rocdog to come this great City....but!!!!!....she's not like us. She reads everything I type and I have nothing to hide...she needs to meet you great people but is *LOL* shy *LOL*. She's the love of my life and I wouldn't know what to do without I getting's....*LOL*...I haven't seen her for 5 weeks and....well you people mean the life to me..but Rocdog gives me life and I love you All. Yes I've been into the pussies since being in town and I'm Almost teary are the best and I can't wait to be here 2 weeks from now with pics of what we do best.

    I'am gone for the night and hope everyone is happy as I.

    Something that was spray painted on the sandstone.....which I'm sure we can All relate to.

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  19. geologist 1: hey Thorton! i've found some symbols on this wall here

    geologist 2: these look like arabic numbers! *looks at his handbook* its a four, a two, and a zero. seperated by a "colon".

    geologist 1: what does it mean?

    geologist 2: its ancient hand paintings by humans long long ago. this was before marijuana was spliced into the human genome.

    geologist 1: ah, purebreed humans! this is a wonderful piece of art! too bad it doesn't mean anything. purebreeds don't have the capacity to think like we do.

    geologist 2: yup. toke-up-amen! *scratches his nose*

    geologist 1: toke-up-amen! *scratches his nose too, releasing thc to the brain*.

    yeah so uh... i dunno why i wrote that.

  20. HIGH All, *LOL* fuck I love life!!!!

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