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  1. last night me and my friend went to some party that was about 30mins away from where we lived. i got drunk as shit. my friend, who was driving had a little bit to drink, but hardly enough to even slightly impair him. and there was this other kid in the car just straight up passed out and we had to take him home.

    so we're goin 70 in a 45 and a cop pulls a U'ey from the other side of the highway and puts on his lights. so we pull over. we have a little bit of weed in the car, im drunk as shit, the car's inspection is out of date, theres a kid passed out in the back, and we had just baked out the car no more than 20mins before.

    the cop comes up to the window and tells him why he pulled him over then asks for my friends liscense and sees the kid passed out in the back and goes "is he gonna make it?" and my friend goes "yea, hes just a little tired". so the cop accepts that. then the cop tells him about his registration and didnt even talk or look at me. and goes back to his car to run his liscense.

    meanwhile we're just sitting there like fuck, i thought i was going to jail. after like 10mins or so, the cop comes back and gives my friend the speeding ticket, he lowered the speed to 54 so that was nice of him. after he gave us the ticket he told us to drive safe and get the car inspected. so we drive home some way we never take but somehow get home.

    on the way home we wake up the kid passed out in the back and told him we just got pulled and he was passed the fuck out. he didnt believe us so we showed him the ticket and he just goes "damn". it was crucial.

    the cop was actually nice and polite and not a dick like most cops.
  2. Damn, when im in the passenger seat of a car and we get pulled over the cops is usually always a dick, cause its usually my bro's car im in and cops dont like his car... ('07 WRX STI)
  3. If your in the passenger seat of that car and your high as fuck with no drops, what do you do? Not make eye contact with him? Act like your texting on your cellphone, or what?
  4. Skeet, I think they can stop you texting..... I wouldnt, they would take it as suspicious.

    And that was one nice cop..... coulda been arrested for the speeding alone, but he lowered it a massive amount and ignored that you where all drunk an high....
  5. ive been the driver with passangers many times being pulled over. everytime they make a point to ask for the passengers ID and ask them whats up. . . strange, but NY cops are dicks. Espcecially the town ones near albany.
  6. i was very surprised he didnt even talk to me or ask for my id or anything, let alone the guy passed out in the back lol
  7. Sure was your lucky night. Next time go the speed limit!
  8. Ya, I plan on it. I didn't realize how fast I was going at first, then i did and was like "damn, i should slow down" and right when i put my foot to the brake to take the speed down I saw the cop flash his lights and pull the U'ey

    I was the one driving, if you didn't figure that out

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