a quick and cool story about last friday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by gojeero420, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. me and my friend " gojeero " are both 16. he has a car, so we drove to pick up this dealer " jimmy " because he hates driving places. well, it was late friday night, well not late, but dark. it was like 5:30 pm. we park in this open parking lot for god knows why, and as soon as jimmy sparks up the onie, a cop pulls up behind us. a second later, a second one comes.

    the cop gets gojeero out of the car, questions him and then he questions me. he goes "your buddy said he smokes weed. do you?" and i say occasionally. then he asks if we had anything, and i said no.

    then he pulls gojeero back out and asks him if he has any dope and he replies no. then the cop asks if he can search his car and he says no again. then the cop gets mad and lets us go, and luckily he didnt search jimmy. it just took a while because gojeero didnt have his license on him.

  2. Damn dude thats a close one. Your lucky the cop didnt take you guys to the station for refusing a search. You can get fined/license suspended for refusing a search.
  3. u cannot get fined/jailed or whatever for refusing a search unless they have a warrent
  4. Most European countries do not have such laws. Not that they are needed. Most of the seizures of illegal knfes and firearms are from searches from "uncooparative" suspects. Sadly, so are most of the drug busts. But cops around here don't really care much about our favourite herb, so they let you go with a warning and a smile.

    The rule of thumb is: Stay cool and cooperate. Then they won't search you.

    Last year I was in excactly this situation (for the very first, and so far last time). We were driving down home after a snowboard trip. Well home in the city, we were pulled over by the cops. We immediatly stopped, rolled up the window and waited for uncle blue. Scared shitless, coz' we were all three of us high as kites with a stash of about 5g hash, and the car reeked of weed. We somehow manged to stay cool, and answered all their questions correctly cooperating to the fullest. Their excuse to stop us was some "routine" inspections. Methinks they were after someone specific, not us. Anyways, even tho' they must have smelled :) something fishy, they let us go with a smile and good day.

    When we got home, we fired up a biggie in honour of good men in blue.

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