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A questions about hash

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blackened, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Hi there.

    this is the third time I buy hash. but i am not sure if it is pure or not. The first time I bought from the guy it was greenish , this time it brownish and it has less potency I smoke more than usual to get stoned.

    so my questions are :

    is my body now tolerant to hash , I started smoking only about 7 weeks ago ?
    or maybe the new stuff is mixed with other shit?

    and if so , is there a way to make it pure?
    I heard that boiling hash for five or six minutes helps puring it since it's not soluble in water , is that true?

    thanks. if you want to see pics of the hash just tell me.
  2. Yes, post a pic.

    and hash shouldnt be green... it should be a darker black/brown on the outside and when you rip it open it should be lighter brown inside. Generally.
  3. Maybe the green stuff was kif, not hash.

    I think boiling your hash would create more problems than it solves.
  4. create problems like what?
  5. Well I have never actually boiled hash so I am only assuming that it will create a smelly gooey mess. Even though hash may be oil based, I think it would still break up in the boiling water and get all over the place. That's just my assumption though. Try it and tell us how it went.
  6. THC wont break up unless the temperature is 350c .
  7. Not the THC. The ball of hash.
  8. if your hash was green that ususlly means that a fair ammount of plant matter is in it this usually happens with people making hash in very easy and cheap ways (blender,ect..)
  9. Yeah the greener the hash is, the more leaf it has in it.

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