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  1. i grew 7 plants in my grow room for 3 weeks on a 15 hr. light schedule. when i put them in my greenhouse the daylight outside was at 15hrs , but 5 of the 7 went directly to bud stage. WTF!
  2. not enough light emitted to prevent the flowering

    next time hang a grunty light

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  3. i grew them under the lights at 15hrs the whole time then transferred them to the greenhouse when day length got to 15hrs. did this the last 2 years without any going to flower. why now? type of strains maybe? the ones that are budding are sativa dom. the ones that aren't are more indica. will they go back to veg. as the days get longer. our longest day of the year only gets to 16hrs.
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  4. What's the difference in ambient temps? Especially overnight?
    I'm just shooting from the hip, I don't know what the problem is. What if your indoor lights were so intense, then you moved them into the green house made of material that kinda shades the light just enough? Maybe something like that, together with the temperature swings, etc.......
    Also, I'm thinking when your lights came on- they were on. The sun gradually rises and gradually sets. There may be an hour at each end of the day that's a bit short on intensity.
    Like I said, I'm just shooting from the hip.
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    that makes sense. it was 70-80f in my grow room constantly. we are in the low 40's at night here. and my greenhouse is opaque so thats what it is. last year i put them out mid june. this year, 2 weeks earlier. you think they will revert back to veg. as days get longer and warmer? never dealt with this problem before.
  6. Yes, I think they'll reveg.
    There are times when I have to settle for reveg on a plant or two.
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  7. thanks Ron!
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    I'm no expert. What I seem to notice about my plants-
    If I'm checking on things a couple times a day and suddenly I notice small pistils, and then realize, damn! this thing is flowering bigger'n shit. If I can reveg right away, like in the first few days or week, pretty good chance things are gonna work out. But if it's been a couple weeks or a month because I just left it out there to reveg when magic happens on it's own, then it kind fucks up the timing. The buds won't finish. The trichomes will be all milky white, but it just won't amber before the weather turns cold and starts freezing overnight and all that kinda shit. It comes to a point where I have to either harvest what's there or let the mold have it.
    Milky colored trichomes can be ok, especially if left to cure for a couple months, but it's like eating a store bought green peach. It just ain't the same as a tree ripened one out of your back yard.
  9. yeah theres little buds on them but they haven't grown, but the plants have. its still early enough to pop in more beans. should i pull these and start over or take my chances? they're like 15in . tall and lanky. i have 3 that didn't flower so I'm still in the game. topped them all last week.
  10. I guess it depends on what you're in the game for?
    If it's not vitally necessary to achieve some goal by a certain deadline, I'd just let them grow.
    I like to think of every growing experience a lesson for the next grow.
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  11. i agree. t.y!
  12. a update. these plants are growing tall and lanky with messed up twisted leaves with like 1 or 2 leaflets . its like the plants are confused wether to veg or bud. the ones that never started to bud early are growing normal but i have 5 very screwed up plants. i don't think i will get anything out of them but I'm going to let them grow out to see what happens. sucks! gonna really cut into my production.
  13. Let them grow when a plant goes back and forth between veg and flower it will form funky leaves and grow weird. Given Enough time and light they will grow fine.

    I love monster cropped plants!! FTW
  14. thanks! never had this happen before so i wasn't sure what i should or could do. they sure look friggin' weird! like mutant plants.
  15. Yea monsters are crazy but I luv the many colas they form. This plant is a monster with countless tops forming everywhere!!

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  16. is the buds still of good quality? do they still produce well?

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