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A question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StonerBenny, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. So, im a daily smoker in the UK who doesn't bong (Unless at parties or in a house). I usually joint it and get 2 joints out of 1g. Is there any tips on how to get higher with less weed? I don't really like smoking cigarette so i put a little sprinkle in. Should i spread my weed out across more joints or just do a blunt? I don't like spending a lot of money on weed so i tend to limit myself. My friends suggested bonging it as i get an overall nicer toke and much more high but i like the physical element of smoking a joint and just chilling, bonging it uses a lot of weed. Just need some tips - thanks :D
  2. Why not get a bong? Get blasted on less!
    Also a simple glass dry pipe is also a good choice.
    I don't know how you can say a bong uses more weed than a J..I find just the opposite. Bongs will cool the smoke, filter it somewhat of all the crap, and allow you to take in bigger hits!
    I gave up joints a long time ago, and I have a regular supply of either my own, or MMJ from a legal dispensary.

    I know a few folks in the UK that grow their own..Much cheaper that way, and you are not at the mercy of anyone raising their prices as they did here in Nevada, USA.
    Paid for 2x the cost of my own small setup after my 1st harvest:)
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  3. Not going into info but growing it is completely out of the question at this point in my life. I prefer smoking joints and have bonged it but never really just chilled with. Taking your advice into account i think im going to go out tomorrow and pick myself up an acrylic bong and just chill. Ill be sure to post my review tomorrow (While stoned :bongin::smoke:)
    Cheers for the advice :D
  4. Pleasure. I really suggest that you stay with GLASS..Acrylic sux IMHO. It tastes terrible, feels terrible, anf=d will absorb stuff..Also a glass joint is preferable to a rubber grommet type..Good luck!:)
    I have seen decent Chinese glass small bongs at DHGATE.COM for well under $50 usd.
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  5. You know a lot more than me so if its worth it in the long run then spending an extra £40 is worth it. I like bongs because of how clean the rip is and just how nice it tastes overall. Ill be down to my local smoking shop to pick up a glass bong. Just another quick question - dabs... Im not going through the trouble to make my own dab but my main dealer is selling .2g dabs for £15. I heard they're extremely strong and have a very potent taste. Any personal experience and personal review? I want to expand from just Buds and explore edibles, hash and dabs. Any info is helpful. Thanks again - Benny :D
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  6. Never really got into edibles, but DABS..THEY ARE THE BEST!! Strong as hell and I suggest a separate rig to keep weed from ruining a dab's taste..I usually payed $60 usd for a full gr at the dispensary..Now I make my own:)
    Those lil jars are the store bought concentrates! A rice grain size dab will get you completely blitzed.:) Taste is great and no weed crap in the resulting hit.
    Here WAS my Dab rig before my dog knocked it over and broke it:( It was a recycler and fantastic)
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  7. Try a vaporiser mate , i find i get mashed on a very small amount and i'm a regular user as i grow my own .
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  8. I use a pinch hitter. It saves the bud better than anything else and I'm good after a few loads of it.
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  9. Dabs it is! A rice grain sized :eek:! Picking up my bong in a few hours, ill be sure to reply with a review :D
  10. I hope you realize, you will need a banger nail (I like Quartz) and a mini Blow torch???
    Lots of dabbing vids on utube!

    I've been smoking weed (and back in the day..real HASH) for over 35yrs and I still get blasted with a rice grain sized dab..(I use an E Nail that stays on and not a torch, but they are pricey!)
    THC is usually above 60% on the store bought concentrates available here ..some as high as 80%!!!
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  11. if you smoke late at night it gets you a lot higher. And if you eat mango before you smoke then it boosts the high too. bongs are good for saving weed too but joints are more fun imo. And dont smoke it with tobacco thats how i got addicted to cigs

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  12. Been smoking for ages with cig and never got the urge to smoke a cig. No glass bongs for a week but he said he would give me a deal if i wait so 1 week :( I did however go round a friends who had a glass bong and the taste difference is immense and i got wacked off 1g... Thanks for all tips and info.

    P.s. A mango :O? Ill be sure to try :smoke:
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  13. yep mangos make your high a lot more intense. I didnt believe it until i tried it but it definitely works. And not all people have problems with addiction tobacco, if your spinning it with baccy then do a 10-20% baccy 80-90% weed.

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  14. All man, if were are talking numbers, I mean Hard Science! The truth is, to get high as fuck off little, you gotta shove it up your ass.
    Cannabis Suppositories: Is the Posterior Superior

    Be a man, bite the bullet, shove it right up dat ass

    Post video of it too

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  15. RIP! I remember you posting this piece in another thread and I loved it...I recently got a recycler that I absolutely love similar to this: upload_2017-8-9_7-11-11.png
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