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Discussion in 'General' started by Danceswithjuub, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. If you were the president of the world, how would you convince the 50% of the world that does not smoke ( because they are misinformed) that smoking is okay?
  2. I'd immediately hand those powers to the states bro. Not my deal as president of the country.

    Not in the job description as they'd say..
  3. If i was pres the world would be fucked ide be to high too mush...
  4. I wouldn't. I would convince them that just because they don't think it's ok, that doesn't give them the right to tell other people they can't smoke it.
  5. smoke a fat blunt during the state of the union and say "weed makes you lazy and un-motivated? bitch im the mutha fuckin president!"
  6. I wouldn't I actually feel like it should be monitored. Def not illegal, but maybe an age limit. the youth would be fucked if they went to these shitty public schools baked. plus there are all of those schizo stories and shit about how weed messes up your brain while developing

  7. LIKE A BOSS!! LOL :hello:
  8. 50% of the world smoke cannabis?

    I'm assuming you mean bud because smoking tobacco fucks you up. Although I do occasionally like the odd cigarette and roll up

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