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A question on Waking and Baking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mosquito, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Now, I have a bit of a morality question. Is it truly a "wake and bake" if you didn't actually fall asleep that night. The reason I ask is because of me lying in bed for 3 hours, and couldn't fall asleep. I smoked up more, played mass effect for half an hour, and then tried falling asleep again, to no avail, and ended up getting back up once my mom left to toke up.

    Does that technically count as a "wake and bake" if the present attempt the night before was made?
  2. Well no sense you really didn't wake up from anything. I have done the same thing before though. I just took my mom to work (I'm working on her car) and got back and smoked.
  3. I know, but it really bothered me whether or not I could classify this as a wake and bake. Morals, I guess.
  4. dude, fuck that is your avatar from Doug??

    like... isn't that blue kid named skeeter or something? rofl... i miss that show!!

    but yea i think you'd truly have to be asleep to call it a "wake and bake" tho... kinda just makes it a "get up and bake" lol
  5. Come on now..Kinda pointless thread..Your smoking weed man ..It's a term there are no rules..Just smoke and dont fret the small/stupid things
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  6. Not really, because you never "woke"
  7. Oh, ok. Well do what I always say. Just toke up. lol Everyones doing it.
  8. Yeah, it's Mosquito Valentine, better known as Skeeter Valentine. Doug's face is to the left of Skeeter in the avatar.
  9. hell yea. you get some + rep for that shit.

    doug was one of my favorite shows as a kid... that shit was great. :D
  10. I hate waking and baking if I have to go somewhere, like school.
    I get really tired after I smoke.
  11. Yea, same here
    Whenever i wake and bake it makes me wanna fall back asleep cuz it just relaxes me or something. But I still love to toke up LOL :smoke:
  12. The best part is I have work in an hour. I get to go to the convention center in baltimore and help take down the Rite-Aid summit or some shit. 4 hours work, then a delicious meal at the Cheesecake Factory. Ohh yeah, I have a j packed for after work so I can take a toke in the city. Tehe.
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  13. Hell yea!!!!
    Cheesecake factory! Ftw!! Perfect for the munchies. Sounds like a u have a good day ahead of ya....
  14. baltimore? shit i live 20 minutes from the IH lol

    be careful tokin in the city man... the cops smoke it too so i'm sure they'd notice the smell if you drove by haha. tho i'm sure you know this :p
  15. Smoke some dank :smoke:
  16. No get some sleep!
  17. It isn't really a question of morality, more semantics. I would also not call that a "wake and bake," more of a "I'm awake, so I'm going to bake" concept.
  18. its more like stay-awake-and-bake.

    I swear, me and my friends just talked about this the other day while we all ripped out of minds.

    We all came to the conclusion that it makes the high much better because you can pass out afterwards.
  19. I always watched Doug and Rugrats faithfully. It's not a wake 'n' bake if you didn't wake up. It's just a "bake". I'm not sure where the question of morality comes into play. Are you saying it's not moral to smoke in the morning if you were up all night? lol.
  20. damn one thing though.those babies on rugrats were not fuckin cute.if i ever saw a baby that looked like tommy i would kick him lol.hahahah.i dont like wake n bakin before school because i literally forget everything that happened the next everything i learned the day before lol.

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