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  1. I'm starting my virgin grow in a few weeks with a PC box grow, will get pictures up soon. But as for the question, I was wondering what are some good strains that are good for small spaces. And growing three plants at once, assuming all three are female, how much could I potentially harvest from them? The grow box is about a two and a quarter feet tall in height, 2 feet in length, and 8 inches in width.
  2. Lowryder Auto AK

    You could probably harvest 70 grams from 3 plants with that set up.
  3. 70 grams in a computer casing?! you must have a PC case the size of my closet. anyway with 2 plants probably i'd say a quarter every 2 weeks. or an eighth every week which might suit better?
  4. You smoke a quarter every 2 weeks or about an eighth every week.

    This is just regular bud right? You'll most likely smoke less if you get yourself quality seeds.

    As for the strain? You're looking for anything that has Indica growing characteristics... that means short bushy plants that flower in only 45 days or so.

    You should also look into getting/building a mother/veg chamber to maximize that case.

    You'd be able to keep a few mother plants and work with clones.

    Since your pc case is so small... cutting a bunch of clones and putting them straight into 12/12 would allow the maximum number of harvests each year.

    Now for yield.... Umm... What kind of light source did you say you'd have??
  5. Well, the small growing space is because of parental reasons. She doesn't mind me growing, but she does mind me growing and getting caught, since we live in apartments, and for the most part the majority of the time if there is any kind of maintainance, they do work in my room, especially with the AC main unit is in my room's closet.

    As for light source, I was using a 105 florescent bulb. Nothing special, from what I know.
  6. Tell you mother thank you... OFTEN!


    I HIGHLY recommend getting a box that's around 18" tall as well to use as a mother chamber. You'll only need two 27Watt DAYLIGHT cfl's to light it up and a computer fan blowing through a carbon sheet to vent it. You should be able to just have it sit in a corner with another box or something on it and it won't look out of place.

    There should be just enough room in it to hold 2 or 3 mums and a bubble cloner about the size of a kids shoebox. (Hang the aquarium pump from the ceiling of the box with rubber bands to silence the vibrations)

    Check the last link in my sig to a whole bunch of recovered overgrow.com faq's on this stuff.

    The goal is to get a couple of strains you're interested in and keeping a bonsai mum of them (again.. see the link in my sig)

    You'll want strains that flower in around 45-55 days (Cinderella-99 is an excellent daytime smoking sativa you may want to look into) because you have no space there.

    Essentially you cut your clones (up to twice as many as you need and then use only the best looking ones) and root them in the bubbler.

    For your first grow just throw them straight into 12/12 as soon as they show roots.

    Once it finishes in 45-? days you'll know how much space it takes up. If it overpacks the cab then you'll need to use fewer clones or a different strain :)

    If you end up with space left over... throw in more clones ;)

    At the very least you should get upwards of an ounce? I'd plan on getting a half ounce. Once you get good you should be able to get around an ounce and a half. :)

    The greatest part is that as soon as you have a bigger place that's secure you'll already know everything you need and can scale up quickly and easily. :)

    Don't forget to Thank your mother. :)

    Hrmm.. thinking about it... another pc case would make a great mother chamber LOL

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